Mountain Buzz - Chad D's Album: Creeking

This is the double falls gorge on the Camp Hale to Red Cliff section on the Upper Eagle at 200 (Eagle at Red Cliff gauge).  Its in on the low side...
40-50' vert into an overhanging, slightly undercut wall with the first 20' landing on a shelf.....who want's it?
This is an overview of the middle of the standard section.  At the top is Electric Slide and at the bottom is 90 Degree Falls.  This flow is high...
90 Degree Falls -  Run hard left over the falls, the right side is just plain nasty
The misc slide above Electric Slide
At the top is the last rapid in the standard section ending in the Sideways Move.  Eddy out river right and hike back up the steep slope to the trail.
Chad in Electric Slide
Making the cut in Snap (right line)
Ben at the top of Snap (left line)
The runout of the Slot Falls
Chad on the Slot falls above the bridge
Slide about 2 miles in from the trailhead
Chad - Twizzler
Bruno - Twizzler
Steve - (we think this is 56 Falls)
Steve - First Gorge
Bryan - First Gorge

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