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oh shit how i am i gonna get my boat?? hhmmmm.......... Juicer Rapid on the N.F. Payette

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  1. COUNT
    Somebody missed their boof. I hope they grabbed the boats off the roof and hitched to the put-in.
  2. IkayakNboard
    How did that happen :) ?
  3. gapers
    New name for rapid---dykewagon

    Edit: Or stickerwhore....
  4. b dash rian
    ya, is there any more info on how this happened? I posted it on some car forums, and they are all calling P-chop on it, but it look legit to me
  5. T. Lewis
    That is sooooo photoshop. LAME!!!!
  6. Hollywood
    thats funny that the car guys would say its photoshopped !!hahaha makes me laugh, i guess that means i can take a pic?!! I shoot .RAW, so i definitely have the original. One question, why the hell would i waste my time to photoshop that. I am good at photoshop but not that good dude!

    It does look crazy, fake, and hard to believe but trust me its real and it happened..

    here: check this link

    this is amateur video shot from some dude that took it to the news station. the car was still running when they pulled it out. In my opinion it was driveable, but Bryan didn't want to risk it.

    Its Bryan Moll's car. They were driving upstream the n.f. and stopped to check out Juicer because Bryan hasn't been up much. They pulled to the side of the road and got out, left the car running and put the e-brake on. While scouting Brian Ward started to Yell, "oh f*ck, oh f*ck!" as they turned around the car was on a dash to run Juicer Rapid solo. it crossed both lanes and launched into the river. Brian Ward's boat fell off soon after and floated to Banks and was destroyed. Brent's boat fell off and Mike McKee saved it with no damage. when they pulled the car out it was still running, and yes the e-brake was engaged.

    Lesson: Don't trust your e-brake.

    Yo, T Lewis, whats really lame are guys like you thinking everything is photoshopped. Snap out of it!!!
  7. T. Lewis
    Well well, isn't my face red..... sorry about the car. I hope you still got your boating in.
  8. b dash rian
    i'll leave out last names, but is it cool to post the story elsewhere?
  9. Hollywood
    Originally Posted by b dash rian
    i'll leave out last names, but is it cool to post the story elsewhere?
    post all you want! there is also a thread on;topicseen#new

    above is link to kayakidaho thread.

    below is link to gallery on kayakidaho with car pics.

    Bryan was taking it a lot better than me if it were my car, i can tell you that for sure!!

    i am just curious but what car forums?
  10. b dash rian

    and i left some last names cause the brian/bryan thing made it too confusing, looking like spelling errors

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