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Rodeo & Freestyle
James gunning down the competition at the 80's Old School Rodeo. Sponsored by Bear Valley Raft Co., Banks Magazine, Cascade Raft and Kayak, and...
Paddler Will Parham in Idaho 
Photo: Mike Leeds
Paddler Will Parham in Idaho 
Photo: Mike Leeds
Paddler Will Parham with a big clean at climax surf wave on the main payette river in idaho. 
photo: mike leeds
Paddler Will Parham at Climax Surf Wave in Idaho. Main Payette River. 
Photo: Mike Leeds
Will Parham going big at Climax Wave on the Main Payette River in Idaho.  
Photo: Mike Leeds
photo: mike leeds
Mark in Idaho
Photo: mike leeds
Will with a nice Clean Blunt  
Photo: mike leeds
This is a panoramic shot of the "Gutter" on the Main Payetter River in Idaho on an April evening before spring high water.
my friend was nice enough to buzz me down to bernards wave on hells canyon on one of his recent steelhead fishing trips. here is a shot i got of him...
it was a little too high to catch the wave from the eddys, plus i was strapped for time because i convinced a friend to take me and my kayak in his...
Paddler Mike Leeds. 3rd Wave at Climax on the Main Payette River in Idaho. Photo Micah Kniedl
Paddler Mike Leeds. Golds Hole Main Salmon River Idaho  10,500cfs
Broke this boat snapping a loop around at the gutter.....Hit really! hard, dead vertical... 
Have done the same thing before many times but never...
Gutter, Main Payette River Idaho 
Paddler Mike Leeds. Photo Mark Cecchini  
Golds Hole Salmon River Idaho. Riggins.
Mark Cecchini getting done with a sweet session at Golds Hole on the Salmon River Idaho. Photo: Mike Leeds
Paddler Mike Leeds. Photo Will Parham. Benetts Wave. Main Payette River Idaho. 8-9,000cfs.
Paddler Mike Leeds. Photo Will Parham. Climax Surf Wave @ 4,000cfs. Main Payette River Idaho.
Mike Leeds getting up at Airtime Hole on the N.F. Payette River. Photo Will Parham.
Mike Leeds. Wave Sport Project 45. Bladder Wave Idaho. Photo Will Parham
Paddler Will Parham at the Bladder Wave in Idaho. Photo Mike Leeds.
Will Parham Bladder Wave Idaho. Wave Sport Project 52. Photo Mike Leeds.

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