Mountain Buzz - deepstroke's Album: Creeking

Eldo post flood 86 cfs
AW Volunteer of the Month Ian Foley
Sick Bird 2013 Harmon Falls
Sick Bird 2013 finish
eldo 170 cfs
Big Thompson Gnar
Exploring the pocket
Darth Mack returns to the river after rock grinding in Deer Creek Rapid
Daniel sideboofing his way through Supermax
Adriene Levknecht fires off a Brown Claw while whipping the dudes in the SSV Race.
Coming in hot and tight
Two in the hole
So far, so good
What happened?
What happened?
Preparing to seal launch
Flowtorch fires up Tampax
Jmack with the lefty launch stroke
Jacobi going as far right as possible while still landing in water
Ian on Mr. Bill @ 650
Natalie havin a blast on her first time down Tunnel
I dropped the kids off at the pool and haven't seen them since. Thank God!

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