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Snowrider's Photos
Returning from four days skiing up Noname Creek in the Weminuche Wilderness. More at
Looking at the top 1/2 of what I would dub the Beautiful Twin. Certainly one of the better skis I've down in the Sawatch....
mg 6606
Tiff shralping on Independence pass
west hourglass, Tetons
Teton Range
Them Colorado bumbs aint like the Buttes we got up here in Wyoming
Praying for a strong snow pack on approach
Slop stability The easy way on Ferry Peek, Wyoming 
Also one of the most badass things Iíve seen!
New years in Grand Teton Natinal Park 
skier: Brady Jhonsen 
for more info...
For more on this Journey, see the link below
T.G. keeps running his mouth about how the snow in the NW is so much better. We need to prove that little wanker wrong.
little Cottonwood canyon
South San Juans
Mat Saffer

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