Mountain Buzz - E-Ro's Album: Creeking

she has water
Trip Report Part 1: 
Trip Report Part2:
Brad finding peace deep into Pandora's Box
MG 36811
Contemplating life’s risks. Pandora's Box
Low side of good and its still freaking amazing
Fall Madagascar Trip. for more photos and stories.
Valcito Creek
Paddler Brad Hanganbothem, or somthing close to that spelling. for the trip report.
MG 3439
Tim K on the Embudo
Fear Canyon on the Elaho River BC
Kevin Driscol with high water on Big Brother. or Ooo boy or big boy. One of those
Don't miss the crazy rafters running the sick nar, previous photo.
Warren G and a naked chick on the far left hand corner of the screen. Look hard she’s there!
Warren's loven life with great flow on Vallecito
Warren dodging retendo spots 
still props to the raging space dudes in the previous
Ryan Casey on the North For Payette at 3 grand
Drinking beers by the river and taking photos, Yes Summer is finally here.

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