Mountain Buzz - Issip's Album: Canadian Scout

Canadian Scout
Photos and google earth snapshots from Canadian Mills Canyon.
This is a Google Earth snapshot of the sharp bend just past Whitman Canyon heading into a bowknot.  Sadly I was not able to scout this one, however...
South Mills Canyon Rapid Google Earth snapshot - the "South Mills Rapid" photo is from the North bank near the center of the photo looking Southeast...
South Mills Rapid 
Photo of the rapid just past the South end of the road that runs on river left from Mills Canyon Road. 
I'd call it class III at...
Mills Canyon Road Crossing 8-3-14 
Didn't look like a good place to put in, or try to drive through on this day.
Mills Canyon Confluence - Mastenito Arroyo enters from the right, nice view of the valley from the road in, there is a class II riffle past the...

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