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Rodeo & Freestyle
DJ. Back from Worlds, stopped to stomp Glenwood yesterday.
Alex and Moose, Big Sur 2011.
I writting the editor. How dare they!
Corey Volt. Looping in Glenwood. This place is pretty sick and only seems to get better as the water goes up.
Corey took this shot in the river left eddie at the new park. Seems paddlers are not the only ones that like to surf!
Bair Ranch near Glenwood. Photo by Matt Solomon.
Matt and I on Shoshone, New Year's Day. Colorado River.
Had to put this up. Just got back from Hunter's first Halloween. Yeah, I know Hooters! He was slayin' em.
Got to keep an eye out for the rafts. I got this shot while at Nationals. Great event and a great park. Just got to remember to keep an eye upstream.
Dagger Pole Dance booth
Alex sacked up for some public humiliation this weekend and helped raise funds for A.W. Rules were simple: sign up for AW, make a pie of choice and...
He loved the poster of Alex in the new Agent. Give him a few years.
Warming up for the big day. Happy Holidays.
Half way thru ride #2
A look at the venue
Forgot his last name but he took first in the open and advanced to the Pro invite
Headed into a McNasty
Downriver loop entry.
Judge for the RRF and the hot scribes hired by fellow judge Jamie Cooper
Young ripper.
Playing at smelter.
Tears it up. That girl can surf! And congrats on the engagement. She even had her ring on while paddling. Thatís love.
Came out for the PWTPs
Sunday in Durango

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