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The day before it opened I got to tag along for a photo shoot. Its really good up there these days.
About a third of the way down the course.
The race is tomorow so HSC had plenty of laps run on it today. Heres Holcombe at the first boof after the upper junkyard. Water should be 50 cfs...
Brink of disaster on Escalante Falls. 
Photo by Mariah.
Run Upper Death twice on her 40th. Crashed the first, nailed the 2nd. We all walked!!
Coming into the landing. Borrowed a helmet and ran it twice! Happy Birthday. Goes to show age does not make you wiser, just tougher.
Ed just sent this for his bio on the site. Thought it was a sick shot. Wish I could do that.
He was at many put ins and take outs and was an awesome paddling pooch. I am going to miss him very much.
Recieved this photo this morning along with a note. 
"i have been paddling the nomad lately up here in pucon.  rallied a couple of large first ds. ...
Just got sent a review to that had this photo attached. Can't wait to paddle rather then talk about it.
He sent me this yesterday. He is usually in a WS so I asked "what boat were you in?" His response: 
yeah dude, it was a nomad.  We rented boats down...
Tao running a beast in Mexico. Seems this drop slammed his ass a few years ago. He went back to try again and film it for SJ. Should air in a month...
Sorry for this pushing Katie's photo back but I had to share this pic from today. Pretty cool when you see one of these guys on the paddle in.
It's late and i'm drunk. Heres Matt after he almost cried from it being too cold. It snowed at Fisherman's. Here is cry baby at Tunnel with just over...
Lucky man, he was east when Linville was in.
Sorry, first pic was wrong. This is the one I was looking for.
Charlie has been running HUGE stuff this year. Look close at the top drop. 
photos by lane jacobs and chris zawacki
Escalante is nothing to him. He is getting ready to run the biggest rapid of his life in a few weeks. A class V called "Marriage". Good luck and best...
Left side of Starter Fluid. Photo by Ben Horton
I think this guys name is Glen.
Just an idea of the waste land left behind by the mine operations.
Sean Vierling (I think). 1/3 into slurry.
Homestake and Gillman are up to fun levels. Stop by if you are in the area. A group has been meeting everyday at 5pm at the take out.
A bit different then it appears from above.

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