Mountain Buzz - matts's Album: Rodeo & Freestyle

Rodeo & Freestyle
on the lunch counter wave, june 2005 
photo by hobie.
sunset never felt so good.  ocean quality on the river. 
pic by tricky
two weathermen and one wave.  
pic by tricky
keepin it real and stayin on the wave! 
pic taken by tricky
photo by ben horton.
although the second wave isn't as scary and is a better surf, sean is droppin into the top on anyway.
thbis is from earlier in the afternoon, lower levels.
Harvey was able to remember how much he had to drink by how many straws he had chewed!
solomon about to lose.
i think hobie proved he had no blackjack game - AND no game compared to Rush Sturgis.
Reno - stealth picture phone
Reno - stealth picture phone
alex hotze boostin off the kahuna lip
will of rendevous river sports donkey flippin at kahuna
hobie at kahuna
volt throwin down at kahuna
alex catchin air at the kahuna in jackson, wy

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