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November Kayaking in Ecuador 2012
Here are a few shots from Ecuador that I took this November. So far, we've had great weather and great water levels!
what's wrong with just fun? 
It's Small World Adventures' motto and we're sticking to it!
upper jon aprho liam
sweet shuttle dude
Steve in the middle of Aphrodesia on the Upper Jondachi
Greg and our goalie girls celebrating a victory!
Darcy versus the boys in the soccer match
Small World Adventures guide--Liam--loving life on the Sideways Boof, Upper Jondachi.
Don treats his crew right with a shuttle ride in a giant bug
Pam doing a little jungle hiking near Tena
Oyacachi put in
Evening light on the rainforest near SWA's lodge
Sunny day on the Oyacachi
lower cosanga steve boof
lodge flower
Liam on the Rio Oyacachi
Liam and his new friend
Kids playing on the Jatunyacu (aka Upper Napo)
Kevin on the Piatua
Don and Greg enjoying the sunshine in Ecuador
A couple of gals having fun on the Upper Mis
Darcy boofing "disco-tech" on the Piatua
Steve exiting Aphrodesia on the Upper Jondachi
Leaf cutter ants
Anders boofing down the Cosanga

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