Mountain Buzz - JCKeck1's Album: Creeking

Creeking season is just getting started here in the PacNW.  Comon up!  This is Jefferson Creek and y'all would feel right at home in paradise
I've been hitting the Deer Creek boof for years and at Baileyfest I scorched it as well as I ever have with Texas Ken on the camera!
Luke crushing the mad switch skillz boof with the most ease.  Is this what they call coming in brown?
Luke shows some mad smoothness switch skillz with the most ease.  Is this called dropping in brown? 
Turn on the Tunnel!!!!
TR at 
Peaches drops Cathedral Falls on the Linville River.
Not in the same league of cool as the last photo, but at least we're done with flatwater rafts for the next 20 minutes. 
More pretty pics at...
It's the off season and I was wondering do you guys think if I moved the bone and shoe, maybe I could fit an inflated raft, rolled up ducky, SUP...
Tom's hoping to get a sponsorship from Bud Diesel buy beating EJ at the LOG.  Any bets?
Golden air boof - Alex Clayton gettin' the season busy!
First drop of the Buena Vista
Paulie gettin it done
The Huckin Duckie shows durangatans how to boof their own drop with a booof.
Eric entering Dragon's Back for round 2 with S-turn gorge in the background (the dragon won round one!).
Shot by Todd Patrick - check him out at 
Summer time when the livin's easy!
Alex Clayton taking a break from lawyer suits to let his hair down.
Doesn't quite look 40' from that angle does it?
Jeremy Signorini cleaning up Pine Tree after cleaning up Pine Tree.  The drop is now more marginally runnable than it was previously after a few...
The level was about 230 - pretty friendly as far as a V+ commited gorge with a 40 foot entrance goes.
Yes...That's right bitches, the Mank Crew romped on down to D-go to sample your goods and I must say, they're good indeed.
She has rocker!
The trap door is folded up allowing access to the front of the boat.  You can see the padding foam that is bungeed to the bulkhead.  Also, you can...
The huckin duckie between beat downs.  It's all worth it for the glory of one great boof/pic!
Joe gets a bird's eye view of Speed Trap before the white out.  Gorilla on the Green, NC.
He may be married, but he can still spank the Monkey.
Sunshine, Green River, NC

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