Mountain Buzz - Gary E's Album: Creeking

little nasty
day 1
last drop, i'm buried with Paul Zirkelbach watching
Don't f^&k this one up
sig drop on MK day 2
This photo is Rolf on the middle kings.  This shot is sik!  Can see more awesome shots on Darins blog
yellowstone, boxelder 008
just some paddling to  be had
ace in a hole
Graeson firing the shit
Mosier Creek falls.  This is as sik as it gets
No swimming here
good shit
Jared(chorter) and I giving max 7 stitches at gore..Dr bill bevins overseeing the process with max telling us to hurry up the feeling was coming...
1000+ cfs
Ist day after snake bite.
JJ on the sharp end..
west branch  CA.
Last drop...The guy on the right watching is Paul Zirkelbach,he is 50 and 5 minutes away from running this 40 ftr
3rd big drop of the run...Paddle snatched in upper grotto.
lifestyles in dreamcanyon
Runout just above boulder falls
Top Tye,WA st...
LNFMF Ca..1st big drop on very intense run.
Entrance into inner Crystal Gorge

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