Mountain Buzz - phlexicon's Album: th QuadPod(QP2) & R1P2

th QuadPod(QP2) & R1P2
some shots of 2 my 3 homemade boats.
R1P2 was my 2nd - it's th grey boat running HHM
th QuadPod (QP2) is what R1P2 evolved into over 20 years. all th QP pix are from deso sept 2011
winnies on Lodore
3F zoomed in.  linda was back at Wire Fence where she had just taken photos of me.
3F entry
3F blasting th hole
in th eddy at steer ridge.  bimini collapsed in th rear.  i can drop it in 3 sec or raise and secure it in 8 sec.
home sweet home.  this is my 3rd boat (th QuadPod).  12" tubes, 12' long.  60% more volume than R1P2.  like R1P2 it also converts to a 2 person(P2)...
R1P2 on Hells half mile in '94. some shots of th 2nd of my 3 homemade boats. 
R1 := its a 1 person Rower 
P2 := its also a 2 Person(P2) Paddler 
th 4...
phlex in wire fence

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