Mountain Buzz - KSC's Album: Creeking

Clear Creek Love'in: Hardest Rigo level, even harder than Royal Gorge at 3400 cfs.
Just Another Mank Sunday
Sketchy lines aren't just reserved for the Crystal Gorge anymore.
Fremont and Other Ian showing us the old school lines down Rigo.
Colorado Legend Forrest and his ringer Stookesberry demonstrate the agony and ecstasy of Black Rock racing.
Lucas on the lam in WY
Devil's Canyon
Christopher Creek - just one of the many goods.
There's always water somewhere. Rio Hollin, Ecuador
RIMBY boof. Looks like the front page needs a bump.
Mill Creek
Deer Creek
Aka: what I did last week in lieu of some mountainbuzz whine fest.
Questionable Front Range onlookers watching the show on the Embudo.
img 9701   crop
img 8590
Huckin Heise still getting the goods in November on the Big Thompson while the rubber pushers are still debating what new straps to buy.
Their term, not mine.  River boarder dudes - PM me for more pics - can't remember your buzz names.
Jeremy's Fantasy Flight dreams crushed as he pitons the left entrance.
Demonstrating that Double Trouble is in fact a left boof stroke.
Early season fun on Gore.
Trent bare knuckled, showing his hand paddles the line through Rip Your Head Off.  Paddles following close behind.

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