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Team D Paddler: Alex Hotze Photo: Cohen/Koeneke

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  1. Silvey
    How was that landing.............?
  2. TheKid
    he pretty much stomped it. It was sweet!!!
  3. Silvey
    No piton????
  4. Alex Hotze
    The tonage factor at the wave is definently gnarly. Luckily I pulled this one around just in time. I sure would have been sorry to piton from that far out of the water! Who are you Silvey? A western sloper? Well if you are let me know when you are headed out to the wave and we'll surf it up. I am always looking for folks to paddle with over here.
  5. Mike Harvey
    go gawd Alex. I am getting all emotional at the sheer size of that. make a poster out of that for my son's room would ya?
  6. Alex Hotze
    Hey Mike how is the ol' Salida hole. Maybe you guys should come on a little road trip to the west and grad some pics of yourself going huge too!
    Let me know when you are coming.
  7. COUNT
    Insanely HUGE! That's sick! You sure you weren't just dropped in from a helicopter :) ?
  8. twitch
    Landing = STOMP
    And given how heavy the wave was that day....yeah...

    That's just a sick paddler going off on a sick wave.
  9. Mike Harvey
    I will deffinately make it over there before the end of the season, but I have never gone that big in my life. I am pretty stoked when I sucessfully front surf that wave.
  10. milo
    ........sick little ready for the ONE RIVER EXPEDITION?........MUFFINS's the BOX........JRMFR420cb

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