Mountain Buzz - leif's Album: Creeking

Natalie Anderson with the best line of the day at the Crystal Punchbowls.  There is some snow on the road, so getting there requires a short hike.
lan 4677
Ben Luck about 1/3 of the way through the portage of the Black Canyon, on December 3rd.  Trip report coming soon to
I didn't want to see photos of a raft with nobody on it on flatwater, so here is an awesome shot of Johnny One River somewhere OTHER than his home...
Big Thompson WITH WATER!  Pretty good medium low flow, suckas!
Natalie Kramer boofing the double drop in the SSV Narrows.  Leif Anderson photo.
Filter plant be damned.  This is low water paddling on the Poudre. Leif Anderson on Lower Narrows, photo by Natalie Kramer.

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