Mountain Buzz - mania's Album: Creeking

justin from 4 corners whitewater duckys no name falls.
looking down Boy Gorge on Middle Vallecito
Candace B from 4 Corners Whitewater takes a ducky on Middle Vallecito.
For those of you wanting to know what the bigger, better New No Name looks like. Me in the cat.
check out the boil line.
4 Corners Whitewater guide st2eelpot running broken bridge at juicy levels
mark your calendar for May 7, 8:30 PM Abbey Theatre Durango for the 2008 National Paddling Film Festival Best of Show! This years benefit is the...
Quartzite: 3, Boaters: 9
Tim Kennedy perfect boof on Pyrite Falls
Mariah goes for the ski jump on Pyrite Falls
Silas (aka Bronco boy) on Pyrite Falls
From 4 Corners Whitewater Trip on Friday May 11, 2007
Cat flips in Mundaca. 
Oarsman: Bret Burdon. 
Video: Josh Waterson. 
More at
after running entrance falls
Flip on Widowmaker. Full set here:
the hidden waterfall above the logjam
the logjam. do not try this at home.
put in below the waterfall/logjam
rapid below the takeout but above the waterfall/logjam
me and keith in BZ falls on the whilte salmon
me and keith pearin entering double drop on the white salmon

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