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  1. mgk
    yuck. but if you think that's ugly, you should see the xray.
    The best part of this picture is in the background. Why is Silas lying on the ground? Too much booty beer??
  2. Cinnamonster
    haha yeah that was when he fell after trying to balance on that post. So whats the official damage to the hand?
  3. CUkayakGirl
    How are you today?
    What did they say?
  4. mgk
    hey guys thanks for asking. my left ring finger is broken and bent. unfortunately the ER doc wasn't sure whether he got it straight or not and told me to go get it really straightened this week. hmm, sounds like a blast. maybe i'll wait till after gauley.
    Hey, has anybody ever paddled with a broken finger? any suggestions for splinting techniques that could work with a paddle, etc.?
  5. COUNT
    I've paddled with broken thumbs (two). It sucks. Unfortunately I don't really have any tips. I just tried to use all my other fingers as much as possible. I know people who have had mixed results paddling with their fingers taped together. The consensus seems to be that if it bothers you, paddling with the middle and ring taped together is best, using the pinky for draws. We want the gruesome details on what's wrong, too. :)

  6. mgk
    wow, derk, both thumbs? did you paddle on them by choice, or just to finish the run you broke them on?
    but yeah, this might require more of a splint type of thing rather than buddy taping. it's not gruesome, just a broken finger, but the bone is all the way broken through and it seems to want to slip back into the mis-aligned position unless it's totally immobilized.
    upper yough with just pinky draws? huh.
  7. COUNT
    No, I broke them both in completely different situations (neither of which was paddling) but I wasn't going to let that put a damper on my paddling season. Sounds like the splint is the way to go for you. I've known guys who've paddled with finger splints and said it worked alright.

  8. pearen
    My 2 cents, Splint it this weekend or what feels the best and do whatever you can to make the swelling go down. Go get it set by somebody better than the ER doc early next week, the less swelling and the more relaxed the easier this will be. Then, chill out and drink a lot of milk for a while. You want this thing healed for Mexico. I re-broke my leg 6 months after the first time, because I never chilled out and let it mend.

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