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Jungle run in deep canyon
Life is great!  Forest fires haze and whitewater, doesn't get any better than Idaho!
Confused tourists wondering why I'm taking pictures of them..
I forgot to shave for a couple days...
Excellent play run, locals tell me that it runs year round and the Canadian Kayaking team trains here
137 37
Left to right (John Raevsky, Christof Stork, Hoss Sagger, me, John's uncle (I forgot his name), and another good rafter
009 9
A.k.a "Stoff", what a great guy!
I was a Lochsa virgin.  This is one of my favorite rivers in the world!
Ahh..... yah... kind of screwed it up that time.  Josh... why did you take pictures instead of getting the rope?
Marc, you still owe a booty shot to the river gods for screwing up Sunshine Falls
One of the tougher sections of the river.
Really great crew!!  Left to right (Jasmin (Austrailia), Kylie (Australia), Curtis (US), Ben (UK), and Adam (UK))
Jasmin boating down Salto de Feo, boats a lot easier than it looks
Adam running the last drop on the Maichin
Last run of the year in MT (late October)... got really cold after that one.
Alberta BC KootenaiPics046

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