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4th year Ice breaker. Start to finish.
A very good day! A 10, 11, and 14lb Pacific steelhead are migrating up river.One of the many reasons i belong here...Watcha think? Make some lump crab cakes, hush pups, sweet potatoe fries, and darlin. would you be as so kind as to pick up some cole slaw, and a comforting bottle of Vino? I will go out again in the morning and pick up three more, then smoker and vacum seal for me Pals Jimmie Moore, and Carrie, and a lb of blackberry Idaho Chocolate for the youngsters!!. Hope you all are having a few days like mine was.(FUN!)
Home in Idaho.
Fresh as it gets.
By the time the trip ends, we shall have. APRX-60lb fillet, 40lb of Chipotle, Blackberry, Lemon pepper, and Garlic green chili vacuumed and smoked.
Finished the bar in the den, now it's time for a trial run.
24" tubs.
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