Mountain Buzz - adgeiser's Album: Creeking

cum on buzzards lets get some new pic up
leif in the GNAR of the big T (imagine that)
good old colorado november boating
scott on lower narrows. yes it was snowing for the first two laps. 
Didn't see any rafters out there though....
scott on boulder creek.... at least it's not a flat water empty raft photo.
how not to run supermax... complements of Mocha.
boffing the flake on supermax
mocha on 1st falls.
img 6712web
Seth running supermax.
lenny saw it here first ladies and.... buzzards
lenny westminster, CO creeking in january
january creeking in....yes westminster, CO
img 6058 1
rickNM after running whiteline on the poudre
entrance move lower narrows of the poudre at 1'
lower narrows entrance boof, 5.16.10

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