Mountain Buzz - RiverMamma's Album: Boatin' Babies!!!

Boatin' Babies!!!
From the Salt, AZ to the Rio Grande, NM & the Arkansas, CO... these are happy Rafting Mammas & Babies!!!
happily tutting away on a tin whistle in the deep canyons of the San Juan :)
our little rig on the San Juan summer 2010... Charlotte Loves to sit on my lap & help row!
Paddling a little dory arround a little swimming hole, Charlotte 5mo. old  08/08
Helping Mamma get ready for River Season!  02/09
Apachi Falls, Salt River, AZ  04/08 
Charlotte 7wks old
Salt Season '09
Baby Charlotte & Baby Bella's first raft ride! 
Salt season '09
Happy boater babies!
Mamma, are we going rafting?!
Tootling around the 2nd camp pond on the Salt River, AZ '09
Playing in Cibique Creek, Salt season '09
AIRE's... the girl already has good taste! 04/09
Fiddling & nursing around the camp fire at the 2009 Rio Grande River Rendezvous guide seminar! 05/05/09
Napping in the shade with 4 legged big sister Alaska!
Rafting makes for sleepy babies!!!
Charlotte's first real down stream raft trip!!!! Rio Grande 05/06/09 "Uncle" Steve Harris, Alaska, Mamma & Charlotte!
Nursing on our first raft trip!
Charlotte's very own raft! Hyside!!!!!!!
tootling around in a ducky, Rio Grande
That's right grandma... show her the ropes!!!
That's my mom! She can still rock the river gear after all these years! :)
Three generations of female boaters all out on the water together!
and of course, the second generation of female river dogs too!
Nursing while rafting! Gotta Love it!
Mamma, Baby, Grandma rafters! Rio Grande 06/09

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