Mountain Buzz - twitch's Album: Creeking

Josh during his momentary uprightness running #3 of the sluff.  2 successful rolls later and a little surf (both sunny side up and sunny side down),...
Embudo upper gorge, 3.6.07.   Soon....
Breakfast with Joe in Bear Creek's Lower Mini-Gorge
Riverwide mega strainer at MM 271 in Clear Creek
Hanging at the Mountain Shop
Same story downstream as well
Gary E in the entrance to Red Lobster on Turkey Creek
Sequence of Drop #2 (Cremer Bro's Mushroom Patch) on Turkey Creek
3rd drop Turkey Creek
3rd drop Turkey Creek
Entering the 3rd drop Turkey Creek
Slide in Turkey Creek
Boof entrance to 2nd drop Turkey Creek
Slide in Turkey Creek
1st drop Turkey Creek
getting a bit narrow
Bart doing some pruning
Kaleb Timberlake taking a break on Turkey Creek...Lyle sending him back to work.

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