Mountain Buzz - twitch's Album: Rodeo & Freestyle

Rodeo & Freestyle
Len claiming his brand new Dagger Agent 6.2 he won supporting American Whitewater
The Stern Deck of the AW Fundraising Boat.   Tickets available through this weekend at Fibark and online at
Don't forget to I know how many brugers to bring yo....
Grand-Master Mank
An unidentified kayaker looking for his contact in Golden earlier this afternoon...
He's like one of those freegans in Boulder....only he cuts his hair
We headed down to the creek with a pick-axe and a tamping rod....eventually we found enough water to get some ends.
It's not so hard to keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times...
Reed Koeneke flying high while Bissel & Hotze look on
Alex Hotze of Team D field testing the new Agent 6.0
The Riverdale wave as it ran last week.
some guys
Wednesdays, May 25th - June 15th
Pueblo Fun
Shane executing a textbook tuber rescue.  Pueblo WW Park
Pueblo #4
Pueblo Murals
Cool murals as a backdrop
1st drop

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