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The slug of the West.
My old two man 15.5' kayak made by Dagger?
My " Current Design" 17' Kayak w/rudder on the Green River with my prototype pontoon out rigs. They are spring/bungee loaded and when the rope pin is...
My " Current Design" 17' Kayak on the Green River loaded to the gills. I am a big 400 lb guy and with all my upper weight it's hard to balance when...
Side view trailer
Rear view trailer
2008 05 25 Cataraft assembly day 041
2008 05 25 Cataraft assembly day 040
this single swivel wheel has been modified to include a 45 degree brace from the top of the wheel up yo the bottom of the first bay for support.  The...
These wheels and the belly bar are locked in with a spring loaded pin and when pulled the bar goes up or down. Also there are breakaway "cross "...
2008 05 25 Cataraft assembly day 003
The Cat-a-Barge 
is a 17.5' x 28" Jacks Plastic Welding tubes and a 10' x 72 x 13" frame made of 1/9" schedule 40 aluminum pipe and Hollaender...

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