Mountain Buzz - spankey's Album: cat seats

cat seats
here are some picks of my seats with swivels, and " bolts to attach nand to make one of them flip up to get to storage underneath.
Green 2009 my 20" paella pan with my first river paella on the 4th. night. 
Chicken, shrimp, seafood mix, peas, red peppers, rice and spices.
Green 2009 The hidden site that was the best ever on the Green River, no bugs, relatively flat, the most beautiful view ever, and the best bunch of...
Green 2009 Andy fell asleep/passedout
seat closeup left seat different angel
seat closeup of the left seat, notice NO rubber so it will tip and rotate on the "U"bolts.
seat closeup of the right seat, notice the rubber to make the "U" bolt tighter
Seat tipped up via the "U" bolts on the front bar
Seat laying across and supported by two cross bars
front view of seats

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