Mountain Buzz - mhelm's Album: Creeking

Mathieu Dumoulin boofing large on Upper Fish Creek
Tom Aex on Upper Fish Creek after the Middle Fish Race
Adam Mayo, Marti Smith, & Aaron Koontz during the Fish Creek Race
Tom Aex during the Fish Creek Race on June 3, 2013
The Rio Palguin... Matt Helm on the 1st drop of the upper... photo Jeff A
The Rio Palguin... 3rd drop on the upper 
Matt Helm...Photo by Jeff A
The Rio Maichin... I call this the Colorado mank rapid... I liked it. Matt Helm boofing Photo by Jeff A
The Rio Maichin after a short portage. Matt Helm and Leland Davis... photo by Jeff A
Huilo Huilo on the Rio Fuy in Chile. Photo by Matt Helm
Jason Bustamente after the 3rd drop on the Rio Palguin in Chile. Photo by Matt Helm
The put-in for the Upper Palguin in Chile. Photo by Matt Helm
My second time down the Rio Palguin. This is the left side of the 3rd drop... good times in Chile!
Rio Llancahue
A little park and huck on the Rio Llancahue on the way to the Rio Fuy
My first rapid/30 footer in Chile at Ojos de Caburgua in Pucon
A fun shot from last June... just getting around to posting it. Matt Helm @ Huck the System. Had a minor mishap walking down to the put it, but it...
Tom Aex
Josh Morris
Dan Piano @ the end of Cool World

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