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Snowrider's Photos
If you look closely you can see the slab releasing behind the snowboarder. Neither one of us noticed for a couple more seconds...
Had a VERY close call today on Independence Pass...
An after work "quicky" off Tincup Pass
Silverton, Kendall Mountain in the rear view.
Monarch Crest south - Mt. Peck summit 12,208 - 1-7-2010
Solo run of Taco Ridge, didn't hit any big drops, conditions aren't that good yet.
Early morning assault on Independence Pass
Doin laps on Banana Mountain's S.E. ridge - 2-7-09 
Rider - Tom Rice
About to drop off Bald Mountain on the Continental Divide near Monarch Pass - spring conditions in January! 1-20-09
Dropping into the upper bowl on Quandary's east ridge - minimal snow 
Monarch backcountry near Elation Ridge - 1500+ ft of vertical and perfect snow!
Westside of Snowstake, skiing down to Porphyry Park
Avy's can happen in unexpected places this time of year, be extra careful.
A little reminder of the good stuff mother nature brings during the "off-season"

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