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If you look closely you can see the slab releasing behind the snowboarder. Neither one of us noticed for a couple more seconds...

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  1. CGM
    That's crazy....from the pic, the aspect that slid looks like its pretty low angle, and the aspect that the rider and photog are on look good to go. What was the slope angle? The other pic you posted makes it look much steeper.
    Glad you guys are OK.
  2. lmyers
    It's steeper than it looks. I'm not sure because I don't carry an inclinometer, but I would estimate it to be around 35 degrees at the top, steepening to around 40 deg where it pinches down in the middle, and easing back to around 30 degrees near the runout.
  3. trailblazer
    Not trying to be a troublemaker,but no clineometer?BC skiing essential tools...probe,shovel,beacon,compass,snow study kit and a backpack to carry it all.Just sayin'...could save you in the future,you got lucky once and now the odds are against you.
  4. lmyers
    We carry everything else you listed trailblazer, even avylungs...just no inclinometer. I suppose I should add one to my snow study kit. Can you suggest a good one?

    This isn't my first close call either...and as many days as I get in the bc, it likely won't be my last.
  5. Meng
    That is a crazy pic man! Glad you guys are ok - would like to see one where I can blow it up to see the slide in the background better. Good on you guys for being just outta that slide path. What's your analysis on cause of this slide? I see one track on the other pic by the top crown but since the rider was far down the slope when it released I gotta think remote trigger? I am no snow scientist so curios as to your take of the snowpack/terrain/human causes.
  6. lmyers
    I would say it was remotely triggered. I skied from the top of the chute down the center of it until I could cut left to a safer area. This is where I watched the snowboarder drop in from. He made 2-3 turns in the trees to the skier's right of the chute, then made a couple of turns across it coming at me, that is apparently when the slide released (according to the pics). We didn't notice. The snowboarder rode past me and jumped off the rock in the center of the chute. This is when I noticed the snow moving, and yelled at the top of my lungs. The snowboarder turned around as he was crossing back over the slide path just in time to see the snow come crashing over the rock at him. Luckily his momentum was carrying him out of the way quickly. The slide encompassed part of my tracks...glad it didn't release while I was on it. I didn't dig a pit, but I would say the slide was a soft slab, recent storm snow on top of a crust. It was remotely triggered when the snowboarder hit a weak spot near the edge of the slab (? my take). We were lucky in many could have went could have taken us both out at the same time...all the reason to be even more careful.
  7. lmyers
    Here is a link to an album with more photos from the incident...if anyone wants to see them.

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