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When we rolled into BTO yesterday to set shuttle, this boat was floating by. There was apparently a swim at Pineview. The dam just downstream of the take-out caused this. It also managed to completely rip out the grab loop.

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  1. Cutch
    Impressive... but not the most broken ever seen. I give it an 8/10.
  2. Ture
    I bet it had UV damage... probably stored in someone's back yard. I saw a boat explode like that on Waterton once... it was brittle from UV exposure.

    Don't ever store a kayak outside.
  3. smauk2
    I heard the story in detail, but will leave the boater anonymous. The kayaker was going to solo pineview, and then paddle bridges with his partner. The partner was running shuttle while he was running pineview. He has ran this rapid hundreds of times at all water levels. Sounds like the V-wave gave him a big ride. He pulled his skirt, hoping it would fill his boat with water and flush him, but he was ripped out. No one was around so he had to self rescue. The damaged boat tells the rest of the story. Dams are scary!
  4. doublet
    Ian would weld that shit and fire low water SSV for half a season in that boat.
  5. sinyala1
    Thanks for not telling on me! Just for the record, my boat has never been stored outside.

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