Mountain Buzz - Colorado River Surfing's Album: Rodeo & Freestyle

Rodeo & Freestyle
The youngest river surfer competitor I have seen ,won the longest surf  on a alternative projectile International Surfing Day Colorado on  Bob of the...
International Surfing Day Colorado 
Winner of the Tandem Dog sorf .  
Sophia Halverson =photos  
stoked river friends thanks for the waves Colorado...
Thanks for the love Mountain Buzz ,Pick up trash after every session if you like .Thats all i wanted to  say, i always say it the wrong way .I thank...
peace.The finish
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Find the green Kayak? cool waves where did yo go
cool waves
cool waves
Kennedy Gtown belly local on the Colorado river waves
chopper south platte Colorado river waves
The Gams a Gtown local surfing south canyon .Colorado river waves rule .

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