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My whole summer was just training for this trip. Day 3 of 5 photo by Switchback McClutchien

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  1. Alex Hotze
    I hate to be a dumbass but what and where is the BLCE?? I wanna go!!!!
  2. E-Ro
    Roomer has it, your guide made off with $50 a person! And is now living large in the Grate Land.

    I also heard that this trip to place in Gizakastan with a native man that lives in a tepee outside of Durango, but straiten me out if I got my Bata wrong.
  3. Alex Hotze
    Actually I don't want to go if this is the best drop and you gotta pay 50 bones. Got any more sick pics???
  4. RiverWrangler
    Yes, yes, E-ro is correct, Gizakastan and whatever you do do not fuck with the native man in the teepee. He is extremely dangerous. Our guide couldn't remember where the last gorge was and then he dropped his boat into a sieve which was in what we thought was the last gorge but really wasn't and then the 50 bones was transferred to said guides father in exchange for a tranquil twilight boat ride. I thought he was living large in Latte land? Could be wrong though.
  5. RiverWrangler
    Oh yeah. Definitely not the best drop on the run. Maybe like the tenth best or something. More pictures will trickle down soon.
  6. d.e.
    Best Little Creek Ever? Speaks volumes after the stuff you guy's have been running lately. Possibly down south here with all the recent rain?
  7. yetigonecrazy
    los pinos maybe? conejos aea?
  8. ToddG
    oh, you mean i wasn't supposed to say anything about where this is???dang, guess i blew it awhile ago in that case.

    i'll be meeting your guide up in the "Grate Land" (sic) on friday. we got a zipline project on the Box! you guys'll have fun on the NF, though i wish you coulda made it up north with e-rock.

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