Mountain Buzz - brandf's Album: Creeking

a closer look.
The new and unimproved Pinetree.  Apparently, it goes...but not by us. we portaged the top and put in at the the new mank pile and ran the left...
Will Rawston doing some Bull Lake training.
s turn
Karl boofing Nimby
"If the pogie doesn't fit, you must acquit"
(not-so-raggity) Andy waited for the sun to pop so he could stomp a monster boof in Cool World. 
Thanks to Frenchy and crew for getting the wood...
"Hello. I will be your overzealous landowner for the day." 
My favorite activities include/but are not limited to: 
1. wasting holiday weekend...
Dave Brymer gets his payday in Gunshot/sight/blast...or whatever it's called.  Dave spent 25+ hours this spring with a machete and a chainsaw...

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