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Originally Posted by treehugger View Post
My avatar is a picture of the neighbor I had last year. She had just vandalized my property and was in the process of swinging that shotgun towards me while tresspassing when I took that pic. I tackled her before she could get the shot off. Her name is Carolyn Ann Glass, she is one crazy bitch. Lives on Deer point rd in Crouch Idaho and in Flagstaff AZ. You are all warned!
PS: She is now suing her HOA because she got stuck in her driveway last winter.
Come on!, now you got to tell the rest of the story, the whole incident

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I want to see a better picture of that crazy idaho lady....
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Kayak With Accessories

13' Hydra Kayak with Accessories. $200 OBO

My buddy back east used to C1 in a Hydra back in the day. They are HUGE.
"We're gonna need a bigger boat"
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18' Havasu

This is on Portland Or CL listed as a raft&frame $900 a post worth reading
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That thing is bomber!!
Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it "guaranteed", I will. I got spare time.
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That was a really good read. For those too lazy to go to c list I copied it below. Factor of 5.

One-of-a-kind raft: Designed by Dan Baxter of Andy & Bax and built by Riken it has an 80/20 mix of hypalon/neoprene. (Dupont stopped making hypalon wiper blades because hypalon doesn't wear out.) This was the only series (Havasu) with this mix of coating--it was deemed too expensive by outfitters so had a limited market.. This raft has had 2 yearly coats of 303 (a sunscreen protecterant for rafts) every year of its use since new so has no sun damage. 17.5' in length and 7' at the beam it has a factory installed motor mount capable of handling up to a 3 hp outboard. The baffles are all intact and the fabric is as flexible and tough as when new.

One-of-a-kind rowing frame: This frame was designed after the sliding seat of racing shells. The sliding seat increases the mechanical advantage of the oars by a factor of 5 because the back and leg muscles are utilized in addition to the arms. The frame accommodates up to 10.5' oars and uses Superstron brass oarlocks. Two the the three compartments have floor boards and the center compartment has a deck that shelters the ice chests from the sun and detaches to become a table in camp. Bilge pump and hoses are included with the frame.

This outfit makes a terrific gear boat for expedition trips like the Grand Canyon, Hell's Canyon, Salmon, etc. It will be the last gear boat you will ever need to buy!

Call Ken at 541-401-9953.
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That raft is a beaut. This van will haul 'er nicely: 1972 Ford Van trade, sell, obo
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So the whole story. I work seasonaly for an agency which shall remain nameless here is Garden Valley. 8 months on 4 off. I bought a fifth wheel trailer to live in up here cause rent is high and leases don't work with my lifestyle. I had a friend who had hookups at their house and needed a little more income to make ends meat. win/win situation right? So I get a friend to pull up the 5th wheel cause I drive a car. She shows me where to park it, i get hooked up and everything is pretty cool. I go into my really busy part of the season. working from 0430-1830 every day for about 6 wks or until I become a danger to myself and other, whichever comes first. This year that was at week 4. The crazy nieghbor shows up, first time I have met her. She starts screaming and yelling, sayin I am tresspassing on her property, threatening to sue me etc. This was my first day off in a month. I was very polite that time and the next three times she came over to freak out. SHe was only coming over when my friend was not home. I keep telling her that she will have to talk with my friend and no I am not going to move the trailer just cause she says so, very politlely. She is saying that my bumper is hanging over her part of the utility easment by about 2 square feet. Her house is approx 800 feet down the road, she wants me to have my friend drive 60 miles to pull my trailer forward 2 feet. without any proof that I am over her property, without any hint of respect or diplomacy in any encounter she had with me. So I just kept telling her to show me the corner pin or talk with my friend about it. So she just kept screaming and threatening to sue me. But seriously I live in a 5th wheel. take me for all i'm worth and I'm out $5000. BFD, go ahead sue me. She is constatly saying how much money she has and how she going to sue me etc. This goes on for the rest of the summer until I come home from work and I have given up trying to be nice and I just try to avoid her. Meanwhile she is acting crazy and taking pictures evertime i get home. No joke, when she gets to ID from AZ she takes pictures of animal shit on her propertry and yells about it to her husband, and blames it on the other nieghbor who's dog I have never seen not tied up. I come home one day after work and my friend tells me that the county health people have given her a letter saying that her septic has failed and it is bubbling up on the nieghbors proprerty. And that I have to disconnect my trailer from the septic until we can resolve this. So we grill some burgers and discuss the options and then I go back into my trailer and get it ready to disconnect. I come out and the crazy nieghbor is ripping my sewer line apart. I say what the @#^$ do you think your doing and yell to my freind to call the sheriff. This will be the fourth time we have had to call the sheriff that summer due to the nieghbor. I tell the crazy nieghbor that "If she had just behaved while a little respect and diplomacy we could have worked something out" She then turns red, viens pop out of her forhead and she starts climbing over the fence onto our property. I go get my camera and I her my friend saying get off my property and that my friend would defend herself if neccessary. I come out and the crazy bitch has charged 60 feet at my friend who has a shotgun, assualted her and taken the gun. I got that pic I am using for my avatar as she was swinging the gun towards me.
Next post- the witness staement with pics I sent to the Arresting officer.
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Here is the report I gave to the arresting officer. Names have been changed for myself, my land lord and the arresting officer. Sorry couldn't get the pics to post when I copied and pasted the doc. How do you get pics from your computer onto here? Insert pics asks for a url which I don't have.

To: Corporal Rambo
Here are the clearest photos from the incident involving Carolyn Glass at Deer Point rd, Crouch, Idaho On 7/27/2010. All photos are in the order that events occurred. Documentation started after Carolyn crossed over the fence onto hulk hoganís property at approx 1930 hrs.
This photo was taken after Carolyn crossed over onto Lydia Delaneyís property. She was asked to leave, and told by Lydia that she would defend herself if necessary. Carolyn then charged across the the yard from approximately 50 ft and onto Hulk Hoganís porch. Assaulted her and wrestled the gun from her. I took this picture just as she began to turn and point the gun towards me. I blocked the gun and wrestled the gun from her. Tripping and taking her to the ground with me. Judging from her aggressive and irrational behavior, I do believe that she would have pulled the trigger had she gotten the chance. I disarmed her and handed the gun back to Lydia who then went into her house and locked the door. At this point I picked up my camera and continued to document what was occurring.
Carolyn then went back onto Hulk Hoganís porch and tried to get in the door. Finding it locked she began to break things on Lydiaís porch.
Carolyn then stormed up to me and continued to verbally abuse me.
She then sat in one of my chairs and refused to leave. I told her to get out of my chair and leave the premises. She said that it was her property and she was not going to leave. She sat there for approximately 30 seconds. Then she got up and began to pull apart and destroy my sewer line and throw my chairs and other belongings around.
The next two photos were taken after Officer John Krempa had arrived at the scene. They document the damage which Carolyn had done to my property on 7/27/2010.
Document completed at 1830 hrs on 7/28/2010 by Treehugger.
So I show up to court and meet the Boise County DA Ron J Twiliger. He is wearing a bow tie, suspenders and looks like the love chile of albert iensien and capt kangaroo. He asks my friend if the gun had been pointed at her. I said no. He says we don't have a case then. So I tell him that she pointed the gun at me... he hasn't even read the statments or looked at the pictures. He then says that this case of malicious property destruction, assualt, and assualt with a deadly weapon is a CIVIL MATTER! Come to find out, he ran unaposed for the office, his bar license had expired while he was failing at politics and he was under investigation because he doesn't even live in the county he serves. He also has a track record of avoiding going to court or otherwise doing his job. they postpone the trial and it looks like the crazy bitch wants to fight it out.
New trial date comes we are about to leave when we get a call. Our DA has accepted a plea aggreement and dropped the charges. Crazy bitch gets 24 hrs anger managment classes and 24 hrs community service. Me and my friend get no restitution for damages and they don't even put a restraining order on her. So my advice if you are arrested in Boise county, hire a lawyer and you will get off free even if you are batshit crazy and a danger to society. If you feel threatened by someone just shoot them. You have nothing to fear from R J Twiliger.

Yeah I guess thiss kinda fits the "Worst deals out there" thread
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I was talking to a friend who lives in Idaho city where the court is. He knows RJ Twiliger personally. He's a good old boy local. Her's what he said in regard to RJ.
"That man is a load that should'a been swallowed"
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