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Originally Posted by elkhaven View Post
Since it was deleted, I guess we'll never know...

but seriously, you hadn't noticed the remarkable reduction in condescending remarks?
I have been on the rio for a while and not online. I see TrevH's posts are still around, who is likely James, so I doubt it is completely over unless he got a direct warning.

I am a river, babe - I've got plenty of time, I don't know where I'm going, I'm just following the lines..... - "We are water" by Shaye
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Originally Posted by seantana View Post
Now that Sequel is around touting James' shit, I'm sure we'll hear plenty about how everyone else sucks again. a spam PM from him with just their facebook page. The stuff looks nice (and expensive...probably too expensive for most) but shady dishonest business practice goes a long way towards driving customers away. Now that the Sequel dude is actually spam posting "Entity" gear I'm not sure we'll see him doing it for much longer. I'm still not convinced Sequel isn't actually Greenwall either.
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Another one bites the dust....
Yesterday's gone on down the river and you can't get it back. - Agustus McCrae
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Ole' J_____s, PRO, another one bit

I too have been bit by this guy, I know MB want's only those posting to talk about rivers and accesses and whatever. But to make it to the river you need a raft. I gave Pacific River Outfitters a substantial down payment for promise of Delivery this month (June). Not to be. I ordered an MH-13 package way back in October for an April delivery. J______s, had all the excuses in the world why he couldn't do it, said there were "vendor problems" among his "busy schedule" as well. I finally cancelled my order through Pacific River Outfitters.... S______y (I suspect wife or GF) said that they are processing paperwork and would get back to me........ (crickets)...... now when I call, no answer, no replies to e-mails, no nothing. Filed a complaint through the BBB and am looking at other legal recourse's. I paid PRO while in Afghanistan and now, no answers, so they could give a crap about veterans. Am considering legal action against JH and if anyone knows of anyone else screwed by this entity, I'm sure we combine our losses and get with an attorney to help set him straight (I know what the dude looks like). I will say, do not buy anything from Rivertech/Pacific River Outfitters, you will never get it. Changed business names numerous times over the years, due to people like us calling him out.
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Road trip

Got a buddy up in OR that lost a leg in Iraq, haven't seen in years. Be up there to say hi and of course help J_____s out with his production issues. Should be fun!!
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I also contacted C___s at Moravia (Owner) numerous times about Rivertech and he stated that he will never do business with that company again. I asked why and he stated that he could not elaborate. I told him that there was an order that should have been placed for my raft and C____s stated he never got one from Rivertech or Pacific River Outfitters. So anyone who has anything to say positive from PRO or Rivertech, you're the problem.
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This company sounds like the Chinese restaurant down the street from my house... shut down for health code violations and open the next week with a new name.
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I totally got screwed by James Haworth a few years ago to the tune of about $5K. I am sorry for anyone else that he has as defrauded. I tried to post my original message last year as a public service announcement so others would not get ripped off by James. However, this was viewed as "venting" by MoutainBuzz and I was asked to please refrain from posting any negative comments on James and/or all the shell companies that he markets his frames under - Canyon Inflatables, Rouge Whitewater, Pacific River Outfitters, or Rivertech.

I wish I had known of MoutainBuzz to check the integrity of suppliers before I naively gave James a down-payment for the rafting package - boat, frame, boxes, coolers, oars.......

On a positive note, I found out about Timmy Luke at RecreTech and he totally dialed me in with a sweet frame. If your dropping a few thousand dollars on a frame please take the time and visit both Timmy and James (if your local) and there is no comparison. Timmy is legit and James is a fraud. Live and Learn.....moving on.....
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One thing I think is really special about this community is the plethora of small manufacturers and suppliers that make our gear. We should absolutely be able to use the Buzz to post positive and negative experiences with these brands. Many of us want to continue to support the ones that continually provide exceptional products and customer service. Lets not let one bad apple ruin it for everyone.
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100% Agree. I am fairly new to the rafting community and have been overwhelmed with all the small businesses and business owners who - "Love what they do, and do what they love".

I would like to give a shout out to RecreTec, Cascade Outfitters, Andy&Bax, and Maravia and all the other business who are professional, courteous, honest, and most importantly fun to deal with.

Unfortunately, my first experience was with James Haworth and was so deceived and ripped off. There are dozens of people just like me that have been ripped off by him and have never seen a product after he cashed our checks.

I know I will never see my frame or my money again but hope that River Karma will catch-up with this guy in the end.
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