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Boise, Idaho
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May have to test this on the river - the Shakoolie

Designed for the shower . . . might work on a raft?

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Originally Posted by Gumbydamnit View Post
The beer holder NRS sells is pretty good, but the corners of the mounting bracket are sharp as hell so you need to file them down. The coosie with the flap keeps out most of the river water and stays in the bracket 95% of the time. I don't think it's worth the $20, but whatever.

I like mine too...I like that you can clip it out and take it with you...I REALLY like the flap over it to keep water out (which all of these are lacking). I do not enjoy drinking a "never ending river beer"

It is a *little* steep for $20, but I was given mine as a present and actually think it's worth it considering I didn't have to make one. I rig ghetto enough already.
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I will usually just place the can on a flat surface and if there is heavy whitewater I will put it in the neck of my PFD. Alot simpler.
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Originally Posted by tony View Post
I will usually just place the can on a flat surface and if there is heavy whitewater I will put it in the neck of my PFD. Alot simpler.
So you do "heavy whitewater" with an open beer stuffed in the neck of your PFD? That is alot simpler?
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Originally Posted by riverjunky View Post
I cant take credit for this "perfect beverage holder" because I first saw Terry with one while rafting the North Fork John Day in the Blue's of Oregon. Pick up some schedule 40 in four inch black plastic pipe, a four inch cap, and a regular NRS u-bolt, assuming you have an NRS frame. Cut your pipe to the length of a beer coozy, drill holes in your cap (Gotta have a self bailer!), file your pipe to fit the cap, then file the rest of the beverage holder to eliminate any sharp edges. Once filed, drill holes for the u-bolt and attatch the "perfect beverage holder" to your frame without washers (you wont have room). This thing rocks, it will accommidate a beer/soda can in a coozy, or a full sized nalgene. I highly recommend this thing, its awesome!
I have a cup holder similar to this one made by River Connections it works great but I done tighten it down all the way so it will move so you dont lose your shin skin but tight enough to hold a 12 oz. beer.
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River Betty with the lid. It works great
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It is true, buzzards will argue about anything!

I like it and have a hard time believing the OP's installation will do much to shins in big water, unless you get flipped around and end up standing up facing the stearn while flailing your feet!

My favorite is the flat surface! How many beers have been wasted due to being placed on flat surfaces? Millions! A friend once told me: "A full beer is a terrible thing to waste, invest in some beer holders!" So after telling him to invest in a boat he bought me a couple of river betty's. For pounders they worked OK but 12 oz'ers you couldn't reach the can, had to stick my finger in the hole and pull it out. They ended up the garbage minus the straps they came with. Great idea, poor execution.

So I usually have enough plywood in the boat that I can simply cut holes; 3-1/2" hole saw works perfectly for my "beaverage" holders. But I will be making a couple of those nifty PVC holders for my fishing frame set ups.

I also really like the little suckers as well, I got a free one with my boat last fall and it works great! The only problem I see is that they will mysteriously transport themselves from my boat to some other boat... If it's bolted in it won't grow legs. I do love DIY solutions.
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I made these 4" PVC (2) last year....perfect. I also have the lil' suckas. Both are great.
When i am doing "serious" whitewater i'm normally not pounding beers !!
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Famous last words: "Here, hold my beer."
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Big fan of the "Lil Sucker" too.
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