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Saturn <yawn> Rafts. Would it be reasonable to say that these boats are:
1) Suitable for entry-level folks on a tight budget.
2) Suitable for infrequent users who won't be putting their rafts to the test.
3) Suitable for users who don't have qualms about buying foreign-made boats over domestically made boats.
4) Unsuitable for frequent users with expectations of durability and long life.

Uh, I'm just gonna go find a cash machine.
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Originally Posted by montanamusher View Post
Most of you folks are a bunch of pattsies. You sound like a bunch of little girls talking about designer clothes for the prom. Why don't you pack your dang BMW's and Volvo's up and move back to Vermont- you Yuppie carpetbaggers! Who cares what kind of boat you ain't about the boat- it's about being on the river.

And who cares if a Saturn will hold up on Gore. First, off any boat could potentially get f'ed up there. Second off, the Saturn folks never intended for their rafts to be used on that level of whitewater, and they don't advertize the boats for that use.

And, lastly.... I am sure there are people out there that could run a Saturn down Gore with very little problem anyways. You don't need a $5,000 boat to paddle hard whitewater. I have seen little native kids in South America run Class V in intertubes using hand carved paddles! I have seen a guy paddle Class V using a pair of Chaco's as hand paddles because he'd broken his paddle. I've seen a guy run Class V with two raft paddles ducked taped together to create a kayak paddle, I've seen a guy run Class IV in a giant Igloo ice chest & using a canoe paddle, I've seen a guy duct tape a dog bowl to his head for a helmet and paddle class IV+, and lastly...I've seen a fellow paddle Class V blindfolded! (his visor washed down over his eyes) So, again my point is, it ain't the boat you chotes...its the paddler. Get a clue you brand worshipping wankers!!
The best post inthis thread, and one of the best I've seen in a long time.

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Originally Posted by BullSCit View Post
I have a 15' Saturn raft that I bought from Joe at RMRafts a couple months ago. It was a used raft (used once on the Colorado), and he gave me a great deal on it. I have had nothing but good things to say about the raft. The included paddles, pump and carry bag are total crap, but luckily the raft is very nice. This is my first raft, so take that with a grain of salt. We have taken it down Browns twice, Pinnacle to Parkdale and Royal Gorge. We had a couple experienced guides take the lead on the harder sections, and they had nothing but good things to say about the boat.

I flipped it over last week after hitting pretty much every rock on Browns, and was amazed to see only a couple of superficial scratches. This thing is pretty bomber.

Joe is a good guy, and drove down to the Springs to make the deal. Sat outside in the rain and taught me a lot about the boat. If I can get 5 years out of it, I am a happy guy.

Just in case everyone is wondering why all of a sudden there are a bunch of emails supporting the guy in Idaho, here is an email I just got. The funny thing is, that I didn't even buy a boat from him.

Saturn Rafts - Customer Testimonials‏
Sent: Thu 8/06/09 8:52 AM
Hi Guys,

We don't often request anything from our customers except pictures of their favorite trips but we could use a little help if you have time. There is a website callled where we continue to get slammed about our rafts from people saying they won't hold up to extended use, etc.... It's all BS just because of our price point and no one wants to believe you can get a quality raft for the price we offer.

If you have been satisfied with your raft, better yet - if you think your Saturn Rafts kicks ASS (most of our customers do), can you please take 5 minutes of your time to go to this website and give a sentence of input?

You have to register but it only takes seconds and it is a good source of information for anything you're looking for raft related.

You can click on the link above or just do a search for "saturn" and you'll find the top post. We're finally getting a bunch of people to support us on the site but they are being discredited as "fake" customers.

If you could mention that you bought it from me (Cody) or Saturn Rafts - Wholesale Supplier that would be awesome.

Cody Janson
Saturn Rafts
Saturn Rafts - Wholesale Supplier
Wow, I tried to read through this entire thread as I'm considering a Saturn, but I just can't waste that much time. So I apologize if what I am about to post is not relevant:

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I guided BullSCit's Saturn down the Royal Gorge a few weeks back (thanks again man, it was a blast... and also a thank you for the "experienced guide" compliment). We ran it earlier in the day in Kayaks in order to figure out the lines and scout a bit, as none of us had run the Gorge before. It was at 800cfs I believe, so there was water, but it was a touch boney at spots. I watched as many commercial trips pass through the rapids as I could, and tried to follow what looked as though the meatier lines they were taking the customers down. The Saturn was probably the biggest raft I've guided in by about 2ft or so. So I was anticipating it not being quite as maneuverable as I'm used to. I also hadn't been in the drive seat of a raft for about 2 seasons. So I was a bit rusty, in a bigger boat then use to, with more people then used to, and on a stretch I had only been down in a kayak earlier that day.

That all being said, the odds were not in my favor, but I must say the Saturn handled WAY better then I anticipated. It tracked fairly well, maneuvered well (as well as I could ask one to anyway given that I wasn't used to it), and I managed to slam it into a few metallic objects that certainly had me a bit nervous. At the end of the day, I gave it a quick once over and it looked fine to me. A few superficial marks here and there, but it sounds like from the quoted post that those were already there.

I obviously can't speak for it's longevity as it was a pretty damn new boat, but it seemed legit to me. I've paddled Hyside, Aire, NRS, Achilles, and probably others. They def seemed to be even more bomber just looking at it/etc. However, I think for the price if your a weekend warrior like myself it is a great way to go. I'm seriously thinking about picking one up. That way I can spend the next few years picking up all the add ons and accessories. Then when it finally goes, I can swallow buying a pricier raft since I've already got all the other stuff anyway.

Just my 2cents
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Originally Posted by nmalozzi View Post
Then when it finally goes, I can swallow buying a pricier raft since I've already got all the other stuff anyway.

Just my 2cents

that what I was thinking when I got mine. glad to hear it handled well in the goarge
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Wow. After a freakin' marathon post read, I've concluded 8 things:

1. Saturn boats are loved.
2. Saturn boats are hated.
3. Newbie 'buzzers love Saturn boats.
4. Veteran 'buzzers hate newbie posters who love Saturn boats.
5. Sneaky boat sellers suck.
6. Welders and gluers do the same thing.
7. I'm bored now.
8. See you on the Upper C. I'm the guy in the 16' glued Vanguard.

F%ck off and shut up.
4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions.
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not a CM Troll?

Don't know that a CM Troll is? Sorry for calling you a Nazi. Right on to your post!:

Originally Posted by lhowemt View Post
Now that's a good discussion point. While it is somewhat similar, I think there's one major difference. At the time in the past you are talking about, US products were JUNK. Big old clunkers that cost a lot and you didn't get anything, not even reliability. The US made rafts are very high quality, with a high level of customer service, and so you still get what you pay for.

I think this is one place I agree with Shapp (god forbid!), about buying locally and trading our dollars with our neighbors and friends. If we don't, even though the cheap imports may improve, the high quality local products will decline in quality in order to compete if no one will buy them. I think, especially boaters, don't make life decisions solely on $, if we did we wouldn't be blowing all this money and time and gas and such on spending time on the river. If you can get a US boat, great! If not, I hope you can buy some things local/US and keep your money circulating through fellow boaters. We aren't going to keep our economy going with the Wal-Mart mentality. When the economy truly tanks, how are we going to afford all that cheap plastic crap from China? Shoes, clothes, etc? I think the career of the future is a cobbler, or seamstress.

Who's YOUR farmer?
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Bashers hate poor people

All you bashers apparently want anybody that can't afford a $5k set up to miss out on the joys of the river. Let me guess you prefer mercedes over toyota? I can't speak for Baltik or Star, but Saturn has made many improvements since 2008 and they seem to be listening to customer/dealer feedback. When I started repping Zeal Optics people said the same thing, but now REI probably carries them. Lets not discourage people that normally would veer away from our spendy sport. I just became a dealer for Saturn because I felt their quality standards are up to par with recent mods. This is Not and ad and I have nothing to do with the Idaho Guy that people seem to dislike. These are great boats for families and fisherman in our area(jackson hole). Plus I believe in Karma and take care of my customers. Peace boaters.
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tell it

I agree with swiftwater. I hear vermont is still looking for trustfunders. Light one up and mellow out you stupid boat snobs. Everybody deserves to enjoy the river. Just be safe.
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I'm not a boat snob. Read some of my posts in the Saturn thread(s). And I don't think that most of the people here that are questioning the boats are necessarily against them. They are against things made overseas, that undercut more local options. They also question the durability of new to market boats. Especially ones that were not designed to well a few years ago.

As for calling people on the buzz stupid... that's just a dumb statement. Especially since you now seem to be in the raft selling business. I am no snob, buy what get you on the river, but you won't convince me that I should get one.
Claimer: Someone that makes a claim that they have been there and done that, can do anything you can do better than you. I hate "claimers"
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Wow! As long as these boats last five years, they are prolly worth the money. I just got an ancient 10.5' Rikken bucket boat cheap and have beat the hell out of it. We run the surge on the middle ocoee. My paddlers suck and we end up hitting half the damn rocks but it holds up. ANCIENT boat. A new any-name-boat should be able to run anything IV and under if this waterlogged sucker can. Boat fills up with every big wave and we bail like hell. Still fun and i can go three times as much as i could paying a guide, which we still do twice a month. It's all about the water. Get on it and in it.
Trying to do the Russell Fork and Gauley Marathon (not in my little pos). Expensive!!! Will post if we survive it. Me and the honey are going to run this Rikken to death then get a Saturn next spring and try to kill it. My little group takes the worst lines we can anywhere we go. No better way to die.

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