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Originally Posted by UriahJones View Post
Thanks for the info, and the links!

I'm interested in others who have been shimming their oar towers have had bad results? So far several have said they do, and no one has chimed in about a plethora of mangled oar locks. Either of these option will still require me to cut off my current towers it looks like, in which case I will just have new custom ones put on once I get the frame in a welders hands.

Edit: Just saw your edit Thanks!
Nope, no real reports on my end, just mfgrs recommendations. I would make sure to keep a spare lock with at all times, in case it gets overly bent. Especially on a multiday or remote trip, which goes without saying.

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Originally Posted by lhowemt View Post
generally it is not recommended to shim your oarlock up. The strength of the shaft is not made to withstand those increased forces at the top. Or so I am told.....

You have two options. One is AAA and one is DRE. They have very different geometry and are not interchangeable. AAA is if your frame is wide (or the tilted tower position) and you want to bring the lock in. Use DRE for the opposite. We started with AAA and had to switch to DRE for better geometry.

both of those can be ordered to any height.

Oar towers

Down River Oar Tower | Oars | Accessories

Note for both you also need the tower base, and it is frame brand specific.

Edit- dang it, I just read the comments and saw your photos, so this advice won't work. I will leave it for future reference for others. I would probably switch locks to the aluminum NRS ones, as they are stronger, and shim the heck out of them! Get a shit-ton of washers from NRS (from the spring set) to use as shims if you can find nothing else.
Has anyone seen somewhere that sells just the head on these i.e. without the tube welded on? I am currently running pins and clips that are set into custom made oar towers and want to go to Oar Locks instead. I think just taking the pins and clips out and welding on the offset head would be easiest route. I'm near both DRE and AAA, so I guess I could just call them or stop by but curious if anyone has seen them seperate already.
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Woosung/Zebec make brass oar mount inserts for NRS size pipe inside diameter (sold by Star Inflatables, KVI rafts, etc.. This is what I have on both my raft frames. I get them from Doug at KVI.

the Zebec oar mount insert used on a piece of NRS pipe with an NRS lopro to attach to the side rail with the orientation of the Zebec brass oar mount tipped outward:

click image for a much larger size to zoom in.

Zebec brass insert used with NRS pipe and the Zebec oar mount side rail frame fitting with the brass insert tipped inward:

Doug at KVI:
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