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Littlefun, Colorado
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Originally Posted by teletoes View Post
Pffft. Who needs a ladder? This is the best way to get back in a raft.

Nice pose BUT meh, I'll try his first. Ordered it tonight, $50. Packs into a bag. I'll let you know how it goes.


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Conifer, Colorado
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I respect the OP's creativity, but don't really understand the ladder. I guess feel like they (the ladders) would be more of a cluster#$@& and something that might castrate me if I don't nail the footing on the first try. I guess if you are "large" then they might be useful. How long before someone installs a gas powered lift to replace the ladder?
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Truly one of the greatest tricks I've ever seen along with an excellent demonstration. I'd like to see footage of someone doing that in the middle of Lava.

While I'm not sure I'll be able to sell that technique to my daughters, they already know how to get back in with the traditional method, which is the first method kids should learn if you're taking them out regularly. The traditional method is easier than a ladder anyway for the experienced swimmer, and I don't find them viable in much other than calm waters.

The rescue rung is expensive for a reason, I don't think we've seen an improvement on that yet. Disclosure: I don't own one. But there is value in having a ladder along as an amenity. Just make sure it is an extra, not a necessity.
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Well it turns out I have used a Rescue Rung in Lava (not proud of that run), and it worked as advertised for hauling my old fat butt up over 30" tubes.

There definitely is a place for this kind of thing -- for certain people and certain types of boats. An earlier post swerved past the most common use for Yeamans' device on my trips. Female passengers love to use it to drop into the river to relieve themselves and climb back in.


Rich Phillips
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Missoula, Montana
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Rich nailed it, this is purely for convenience for the ladies on my boat for pee breaks and relaxing swimming. No need to work harder than necessary in situations that don't require it.
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You learn from your mistakes. Few years back on a Grand trip, probably around 20k cfs, I found myself outside the boat. It was a first for me. In my circle they call it getting "pouched". Either an oar catches a wave and hooks on your vest or a wierd combo of waves hits you just right and you get tossed from the boat.
Anyways, the boat was ten yards downstream from me, water rough, and no one in sight. So I had but one chance to bust a move and try and catch the boat. Maybe someone can explain why a fully loaded boat moves faster than a person floating in the same water. I caught the boat after my swim sprint, fairly exhausted, looked down stream and noticed we were both heading towards a rock cliff bank with me in the middle. So I used the lifeline rope and pulled myself around to the upsteam side of the boat. Of course the boat spun and I was again on the wrong side heading for a big squish. Pulled my self around again, decided I have had enough fun in the water and needed to get back in the boat. I had a net covering the rear bay and was able to grasp it to aid in climbing back in. Except I was out of gas and adrenilin.
The ol rescue ladder sure would of come in handy then but who needed that cause I was able to pull my self in past situations. After getting my foot on the lifeline I was able to use my legs to help lift me back in the boat. My heart was pounding after the 5 min advevture. I rounded a bend and came into sight of a buddy who later told me he fished my hat out of the river and wondered what happened.
So sometimes pulling yourself into the boat isn't as easy as it sounds.
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Thank you all for your input, and for creating more work for me, now I have to reinvent one for my rig. It's certainly worth considering.

The video ... gotta love it, kind of like a Rodney Dangerfield skit!!!! .. the woman filming was totally cracking up.
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The river has no regard for pride or ego. I'd recommend a ladder on all boats. If not for yourself, think of what might happen to others. Amongst other possibilities, a bad swim that leaves someone gassed, a pfd strap failure (just happened to someone on a recent grand trip) or outweighing your rescuer...could have avoidable consequences.
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Personally, I've never, ever seen a swimmer outraced by their boat on any rapid. I look forward to that. I'm hoping it's not me anytime soon. Ymmv.

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looking at getting the two step pro made version. Any thoughts on this vs the three rung on a Maravia Willi 2?
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