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Meridian, Idaho
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First Post, Beginner Questions

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and relatively new to rafting. I have a few questions to help me get set up through the winter. First, a little background to help.

I have been on multiple guided trips nothing over class III, and have rowed one run by myself. I will be rafting with my wife and 6 year old son, and maybe my dog.

I am the proud owner of a 14' Udisco bucket boat that was given to me by a family friend as a way to start rafting. No frame, (I will be building one, more questions to come on that) and two oar shafts with no blades that were also given to me. As a family we are experienced outdoors and on the water (grew up boating on local lakes).

I have a lot of questions, and apologize for the long winded nature of the post, but I'm excited to start this as a family activity; so thanks in advance for any input.

First, my boat. Is it suitable for water up to class III such as the Cabarton, Main Payette, etc? I assume so, but feel better asking.

I have read that even with a frame you should not remove the thwarts from a boat that does not have an inflatable floor. What are the details here?

I have some questions about building my frame but will wait until I hear answers about the boat.

The plastic sleeves on my oar shafts are old, and broken up. Is there a way to replace them? Any suggestions are appreciated.

I have lots more, but I'll stop here for now. Again, thanks for any input!


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Go pick up the frame that goes with the boat from the family friend.

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Meridian, Idaho
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Originally Posted by RiverVandal View Post

Go pick up the frame that goes with the boat from the family friend.

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I can't imagine that Udisco will not be suitable for class III.
You should leave the thwarts in, even with a frame, because that is what gives your boat its lateral stability, if you were to start using it to do multi day trips, you could replace the thwarts with a cooler and dry box, which would do essentially the same thing. The same would be true for a boat with an inflatable floor, but is more important with a bucket boat.

As for the plastic sleeves, are you talking about a sleeve that goes the entire length of the oar, or is it a shorter black piece about a foot long? If it's the length of the oar, you probly have Carlisle brand oars, and one option is to wrap them with duct tape, which I've done with one set I own, can even get it in specific colors. You can also use the search button near the top of the screen to find discussions on the Buzz how to not do it the redneck way.
If the're the second option, you can order replacements from online company's such as North West River Supplies, they would be called oar sleeves.

Last and most important, you should take a river rescue course, there is a wealth of knowledge in these that can help you learn to be safe out there. I've taken these classes from Rescue 3 International back when I was a raft guide, and they did a really good job. Private boater classes can be a good place to learn a lot, as can boating clubs, and some times even this forum when we're not being to bad of Jack asses.

Have fun! Be safe.

( not calling anyone that posted on this thread a jackass, but in general we tend to be).
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My first boat was a 10 and half foot Udisco, it was a great little boat! Brings back good memories! Have fun out there!
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Never been on those rivers, but a 14' bucket boat should be fine on class III as long as it is in decent shape.

If you are doing day trips leave the thwarts in. If you are doing multi day trips and will be putting a cooler and drybox in, pull those thwarts and make space for your gear. They will do the same job as the thwarts.

Here's a thread from some smart people on oar shaft resleeving.
Re-sleeving an aluminum oar shaft

However the cracked sleeves doesn't affect the function of the shafts. I'd just rock those as is. They'll work fine for a beginner boat and kind of fit the character of the whole rig. Spend your time and money on all the rest of the gear I'm sure you've been eyeing first.

What kind of frame are you building, and will you be doing day trips or taking the family on camping trips?
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Originally Posted by OregonRafter View Post
Never been on those rivers, but a 14' bucket boat should be fine on class III as long as it is in decent shape.

Its road side mild class 3 will big pools between drops. Heavily ran by guides and private parties. Inter tubers go the run in the l;ate summer. Lots of beaches where people swim.

The disco will be the bomb, if in good condition.
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Should work fine on both runs that you mention. Build yourself a wooden frame, buy some oar towers and get out on the river. You have a few weeks probably before they cut the flow on the Cabarton.

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