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A gal I worked with got a Yeti Tundra in Pink!

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Originally Posted by Schutzie View Post
Back in the day ................. way back before "pure" ice and debates about draining VS not draining ..........
we used Gott coolers. We had white, and we had Dark red, and we had Dark blue.

We'd pack 5 day trips, pack the food two days before launch, and with notable exceptions always had ice at the end of the trip. Or, at least cold beer.

It didn't much matter the color of the cooler. What mattered was packing the thing properly, sealing it tight, and not ever, ever opening it until you were ready to use what was inside. One cooler a day for the food;
1st day dinner, 2nd day breakfast, and 2nd day lunch went in the first cooler. 2nd day dinner, 3rd day breakfast and 3rd day lunch in the second cooler. And so on.
When we hit camp on day one, out came dinner to defrost. The lunch cooler was repacked with 2nd day lunch. 2nd day breakfast stayed in the cooler with whatever ice was left. In the morning we'd empty out breakfast and if we had ice left over it went into (my) beer cooler.
The uninformed were welcome to keep their damn hands off of the food coolers. Uninformed who even looked at a food cooler were given strict instructions to get the fuck away. We'd pull knives to enforce the point.

It worked.

As I said, color was (is) irrelevant.
What mattered was the packing.

Tan VS white? It was me, I'd go for the cheaper one.
Same price?
Just pick one.
Just goddamn pick one.

Keep asking questions. Haters gonna hate.

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Originally Posted by Brotorboat View Post
If they had a black one that would be sick...I bet it would hold ice really well too.

I'd get one to match the Neo Hyside! Weight though21 lbs
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Originally Posted by soggy_tortillas View Post
OH MAN!!!!! Did you guys know Yeti has a blue cooler????? How does it compare to the ice melt rate of the Engel white and the Engel tan? Does Engel have a blue cooler??????
Blue it literally the color of cold. Get blue.
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Just get your water from a glacier in Alaska. You'll never need ice again.
F@$% 2016!!!
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Check out pelican coolers. White or tan I'm still a fan.
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Originally Posted by curtis catman View Post
Check out pelican coolers. White or tan I'm still a fan.
Not ideally shaped for a raft but hold ice like a MoFo.
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Originally Posted by thinksnow View Post : Coleman Steel Cooler, Matte Black, 54-Quart : Sports & Outdoors

I'd get one to match the Neo Hyside! Weight though21 lbs
Wow, I think black is the new white. That is just bold, it is like the cooler is looking directly at the sun and saying I dare you to radiate on me...I can handle this, yeah, I am that cool.
"If I'm not there, it means I'm dead...or late!" General W.R. Monger
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Solar Gain

Originally Posted by wayne23 View Post
I have always wondered why they made coolers in any color other than white,it's a cooler why attract heat?

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The perfect color is a mirror. The least perfect color is black with a dull matte. The sun has a finite amount of energy at the contact surface...depending on several variables. You choose to accept or reflect it.
Back to the cooler though. Have one of these gents make you a big aluminum or stainless box. Line that box, lid, and floor with 5" of dense polystyrene, glass the inside to hold water. Your box will be twice as efficient as the aforementioned Engals cooler. The net effect is your ice burden is cut in half. Your money went to a us fabricator in lieu of melting off as water.
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I have 2 white Engel coolers and my friend has 2 tan ones, all 4 are identical. But you can never see how the performance differs because we use them differently.

We pack them differently, open them with different frequency and carry different stuff.

Ultimately you should use a cooler cover most of the time, open it as little as possible and pack it wisely. Any decent cooler will get you more days than you will actually go for, if treated right.

I've used old igloos with cracked lids and duct taped pligs on the lower salmon at 110 degrees and by being a cooler NAZI 3/4 had ice at the end of 5 days. the one that failed had a guy throwing hot beer in it all the time.

New coolers give you slightly more margin of error for possible food illness, but all that advantage is blown by a drunk throwing 12 150 degree beers in when nobody is watching.
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