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Dang. I wish I had more flexible hours, I'd be down for a gates run!

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I'd go in heartbeat, but just commited to July 3rd. This thread tells you everything. ITS easier! you'll have a blast!
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Grrr....damn "once per high use" and two friends are doing Deso on the 27th but i would drop that permit in a second to come on Lodore instead Unfortunately we all went on a Yampa trip earlier this year so unless you got a "last minute 2 weeks from Launch" permit we can't join you. Have an awesome trip though.
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Originally Posted by ONEILL View Post
Southern Gal -

How was it?

Any new intel from your trip?

We launch 6/27 with kids.

Thank you very much.


It was great (I was one the trip). No new beta except the mosquitos have hatched : (. We had the kids (youngest was 6) walk hells 1/2 even though it was straight forward. The consequences of a kid swim was a bit more than the other rapids. Harp Falls was awesome!

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I'll add my 2 cents too. Our group ran 3 16 foot boats with 3 kids and 7 adults.

Upper/Lower disaster falls was pretty straight forward. Easy run down river left. Nice waves at the top. Huge wave in Lower Disaster. Stay left (in main channel) and no problem. You can see the wave from the typical scouting point.

Harp falls - We scouted it but it was really straight forward. Follow the tongue down the middle and hold on because the wave train is huge. With 16 ft boats no problem. There was a lady from another group who said she flipped 3 times in a small 10 ft hyside in the same rapid. I think it was a 10 ft hyside.

Triplet falls - everyone ran just right of the large rock on the left side and stay left. there is a lot of push to the right and it is nasty over where the birth canal is. The waves were not much of a problem or particularly large.

Hells Half mile - That is big rapid at 9000 cfs. The NPS flipped one of their rafts on the 2nd wave. The larger commercial boats just coasted over them. I felt like we stalled out a lot on the first 2 waves and I thought we were going to swim the rest of the rapid.

We entered just right of the rock at the entrance of the rapid and pulled a bit left. The current is kind of tricky and it really pushes your boat to the right. Ideally we would have hit the small laterals on the left before dropping into the biggest waves. One boat partially dumped its passengers and came out backwards with everyone still pulling themselves back on. The 3rd boat felt their run was a bit cleaner. I thought with a 16 ft boat there is definitely a potential flip there.

I thought the high water made for a great trip. Lots of big waves and it only took a few hours to go between camps.
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Thanks for everyone's great input.
Superbly helpful.
We launch Monday.
3 rafts (14's)
15 total. 1 kid 9 rest teens and adults.
Plan on scouting and portaging pax if needed.
I'll report back after.
Thank you all, again.
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I started this thread in an effort to get as much information on Lodore at this high level prior to my launch. Everyone has been very helpful. Thanks for all the insider information. I'm not looking to influence groups on weather or not to launch but due to recent circumstances I feel that it is prudent to let people on this thread know about the unfortunate event that happened at Disaster Falls on Friday at around 5pm. See link below. Stay safe out there.
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Here's the link again if it didn't work.

Thank you very much for heads up.
Truly appreciated.
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Another 2 cents, for what it's worth . . .

We just ran this again, and were a bit concerned at first too, as we had all done this stretch many times, but never above 2,500 cfs.
Turned out to be super fun, just visually intimidating.
The first big hit was at the entrance to Lower Disaster, stay a bit to the left and you'll miss the hole that likely flipped that boat Friday. BTW...this is not very practical to walk around (upper+lower = about a mile).
Harp Falls: run right down the middle to enjoy a desert class wave train! Yes, haystacks! No need to scout, IMHO.
Triplet: left, left, left. Watch out for sneaky hidden holes during the entrance before the dog leg right, as this was where we had the only swimmer on the trip. Did I already say left? It's an easy run if you stay left.
Hells: we entered just right of the upper marker rock, then went left, between the huge tree on the left and the huge waves in the middle. This run worked perfectly. Then back right to avoid more big hits on the left.
Split mtn was super fun, read and run.
Video attached of the HHM scout. The rock at the end of the video is the marker rock.
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This is fantastic.
Thank you so much.
We will report back!
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