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I know I'm drunk and uneducated but I believe Oregon doesn't border the Middle Fork. It's all in good fun. If your talking about Hell's Canyon, weed is only legal on private property. Legalization is for a different forum. I was on about stopping searches where the law gets stretched for probable cause. All the stories about the river violations are second hand accounts to me, I have no idea if the searches were legal or not. This thread has been all over the place but I started it as a simple warning for poor lowly potsmokers who think they can let their guard down and be less careful because of where they are. Kilroy you're not the only hard ass on here with no sympathy for law breakers (maybe the most abrasive) but don't you think your money would be better off solving meth problems somewhere else instead funding undercover rafting agents busting pot smokers in the middle of nowhere Idaho.
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Yes, indeed that is true - all are valid points. My abrasiveness was fueled by those who speak of second hand situations and then have the gall to complain about how effed up this country is because of crooked cops. Well, we just don't have the facts in many of these situations to (yet) label these 'feds' as asshats. Some are, and some cops in general have power trips - but the majority of them are honest and accept a job i'd never want to do. I just avoid being a sleez and it usually keeps me out of trouble.
"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." ~ Will Rogers
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"If you act like a dirt bag, that gives the cops sufficient evidence or grounds to believe the search or arrest of a suspect is justified (by law)"
Holy shit, that is what you thought you were fighting to defend?
Teufel Hunden you need to remember all the articles and amendments of the constitution you swore to protect, in this case the 14th.
I know Dirt Bag kayakers that I can almost guarantee live a cleaner life than 99% of the Jar Heads I have known ( Semper fi by the way). Maybe a little due process and some equal protections are in order.
Just because you are a dirtbag kayaker does not by default make you a criminal ("by law") just like being a Marine does not prove you lack intelligence.
Peace my brother

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Here we go again... I suppose that some on here would say that speeding or doing a burnout in a neighborhood would be less important (weighted) of a law violation than if someone were to jack your square-tops and oarlocks that you paid a grand for? Seems easy, but add some children to that neighborhood and your speeding just happened to put one in the hospital. Which one becomes more important then? Both... Our police (including the feds) have violations and laws to enforce regardless of how different each one of us feels about them. If you don't have the energy or backing to change those laws, you ought to just trust the system and let it work. My guess is that you just don't have the full picture if you feel that there should be more time/energy spent on busting a few pot heads at the boat ramp (allegedly). Pot, meth, whatever - our officers are out there working and are not in a job that people generally like (unless they need one). I'm really curious how this country looks in 20 more years after the recent events with the police/race/camera issues. Seems like less folks really want to be in that career nowadays. Maybe we just need a society in which there is no police at all. You'd all be free to do what the fuck ever you want. That would work well, right? Love it or leave it bitches...

By the way, since this thread began about feds busting folks at the boat launch - even here in Oregon (where pot can be purchased on every street corner legally) is still illegal federally. So, you can buy it downtown, smoke it in your home, and it's still a schedule 1 drug along with meth and LSD (illegal). Maybe one should spend some time fixing that instead of bitching about some cops busting folks at the boat launch (allegedly).

Another thread about groovers would add more value to this forum than all this speculation about something that may have happened, which the possession was illegal in the first place anyway.

Keep your weed better hidden if you're going to smoke a little on the river...

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"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." ~ Will Rogers
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"Love it or leave it" is a Nixonian slogan and diminishes anything else you might have to say.
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So, after all, was it really federal law enforcement or state fish and game that was doing the searches?
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According to the one account I can find (page 3) here it was state fish and wildlife. The individual in question exposed his stash when he opened his tackle box to present the requested license.

This entire thread is like the kid's telephone game gone awry.
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Yes, basically as I stated way back at the start of this thread.

Sounds like someone was just being stupid, and was whining about receiving some consequences of his actions. Nothing underhanded about a Fish & Game request to see a fishing license.
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I think what keeps this whole thread going regardless of what did or did not happen, is the idea that our Government and Law enforcement can just do whatever it, and they, see fit, with out regard to the peoples will. That's the attitude that just drives me nuts, since I believe in self Government by the people, and also that citizens do not deserve to constantly be screwed with, so long as they do not harm others.
Because Killroy went to war and killed a bunch of folks for his country, does not mean the people should not judge for themselves if there Government is doing the right thing or not, thinking that way gets you a dictator ship, Monarchy, or some other shitty system like most of the rest of the world has, then why the hell did any one ever fight for there country? Why did our founding fathers ad the bill of wrights to the constitution?
" what the heck is that clunking sound in the washing machine? And where the hell is my phone?"
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