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It can be tough to get back into a large raft or cat after a swim (whether intentional or not). Especially if you're boating solo.

On scorching desert trips, I swim and drift a lot on flat stretches to beat the heat. To re-mount, I strap an etrier (webbing stepladder) left over from wall climbing onto an outside rail, and heave it out before I jump in.

The Bag Ladders are similar, with PVC pipe rather than tubular webbing to hold the steps open.

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you are kinda stupid. stay in LA. you don't know what kick means? did you ever take a swim lesson?
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Aww, come on ease up on the poor boy. He obviously is mis-informed. after all he is from la.
Cityguy, next time you fall in blow your whistle REAL loud. Maybe griff will throw you a turkey leg and a schlitz.
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Tips for how to get back onto my raft?

Practice---when its safe to be in the water. Also, remember DO NOT try to push off the bottom. Our inclination is to find footing. And the tendency is to "search" for a bottom foot hold--which could turn into a trap. Practice in shallow(2-4 feet deep) flat water and practice without using the bottom.

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really...this is actually a post...ok hear it is...learn how to boat...dont fall get back in...kick,claw,pull,dont push,fight, get the idea...there is no right way to do this...but there is wrong ways, the ones that dont get you back in...i will admit i couldn't get back on a duckie once...i just swam twin falls on browns at 4500cfs and got slamed and winded so badly that i swam the duckie to shore...its ok to need help gettin in but man up and take care of might be going for a tough swim if you dont get in...that should be motivation enough
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Don't pay any attention to these jerks. Its more technique than strength. Pull yourself towards the boat, kick, pull up and Lock that elbow.... kind of all in one fluid motion / lunge... You should be able to easily get in from there
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Always remember the three rules of rafting:

1) Stay in the boat

2) Stay in the boat


3) Don't get out of the boat
Nothing in the world is more yielding and gentle than water. Yet it has no equal for conquering the resistant and tough. The flexible can overcome the unbending; the soft can overcome the hard. - Lao Tse
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i didnt thnk this had to be
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I once saw Chuck Norris intentionally swim a class V while having his boat tethered to him. He swam his boat through and then did a roundhouse kick in the water to get himself back in the boat with no hands....
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Some of these guys are retarded. It can be hard to get in, especially if you are a bigger dude. It is all about kicking your feet like you are swimming, keeping kicking, pull hard on that handle, or the chicken line (which should be rigged very tight), preferably next to a D-ring. Flounder up onto the tube, lock those elbows like they said, keep kicking and pulling until your center of gravity is good enough that you can get a leg in, or grab onto something in the raft like a cam strap. I usually keep a cam strap around a thwart, even if I don't have anything to strap in, just for an extra place to grab onto if I need a little more pull.

I usually try to stay in the boat, or have someone in there that can give me a pull, but if you flip or everyone falls out, you will need to get back in by yourself.

I've heard of people using the prussic loop (google it) they carry in their PFD as a foot hold, and others who kind of use the chicken line as a stair if they can get a foot up.
It takes a big man to cry...It takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man.

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