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Thinking of this from the other thread on shuttles going on right now:
Originally Posted by Read_N_Run View Post
I'd like to point out that almost every "reputable" shuttle company has had mishaps and from what I know for a fact, EVERY company identified here as reputable, reliable, etc. ALL have had issues. It's just a matter of numbers as most of these companies have done thousands, if not tens of thousands of shuttles.
and this:
Originally Posted by Wadeinthewater View Post
Get back to us when you do. I would really like to hear their side of the story. I have used Affordable Shuttles many times over the years but am now reconsidering.
I hope everyone remembers that we're dealing with hearsay on the interwebs. We don't even know who the person was that it happened to, only that the original post was something copied from some other source on the 'net. So hopefully folks will keep a cool head before backing out of agreements, etc. I'd be interested in hearing the other side. Right now all we've got is a story someone (possibly distraught from having their car damaged) posted on the internet with the company name in ALL CAPS. And remember, shit happens, and I've heard bad stories about one of the best shuttle companies around that I know of.


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I'll make a point of N OT using affordable shuttles, accidents do happen but this is pure carelessness on this drivers part and about as poor of an excuse of customer service as I've heard. Plan on using the shuttle at Galice Lodge in a week or so.
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So I can chime in on a similar experience. My car was totaled being shuttled for the MFS. I will not name the company because I felt it was handled differently than what is being discussed here.

Two main points I would like to add:

One: They also did not have insurance for their drivers through the company and were trying to see if the driver of my car personal insurance would cover it.

Two: They stepped up like they should have and paid for everything. Hotel for my wife and passenger to stay in until the next day, Plane ticket for my wife and passenger to get home to DIA, Car rental for my wife to get home from DIA, and a bank deposit for the itemized amount of my car.

Did it suck and create a shitty situation for myself and others? You betcha, but did they do all they could to make sure that they made amends? I feel like they did.

Yeah this could all be hearsay, but if it is true it sounds like the opposite type of company than the one we used.
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^ wow, I would use them again even with the misshap if they came through like that. Accidents happen from time to time.

As to the OP that's pretty shitty of them to not even waive the shuttle fee and if it was my company I would have at least waived the shuttle fee and at least taken care of some or all of the deductible or say what a lot of normal deductables are $500.
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We bring extra vehicles and run our own shuttles due to this sort of nonsense!!!
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I have yet to see a shuttle firm that says "not our liability" if something happens. Sigh.

I would really like to see a market solution to this: If a firm would step up and say "if we wreck it, we'll pay for it". And yes, they would charge more than the others.
Let folks decide-- I'll pay the lowest rate possible for a shuttle, and if a wreck happens, I eat it. Or I will pay $xx more for a shuttle, but at least I would have a shuttle company stand behind their service.
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Originally Posted by zrafter View Post
We bring extra vehicles and run our own shuttles due to this sort of nonsense!!!
The only way that works well is if an additional driver with their own vehicle shuttles the drivers back from the take-out.
This would be a non-floater that is a nice person.
Or a commercial shuttle driver that is paid to just return 3. 4 or 5 drivers.

Everyone drives their own rig. They park their own rig. They chalk their own rig. They put the right amount of oil in their own rig. Their own insurance applies to them generally.

May require an additional camp night or long day at the put-in.
Can be hassles with some gear not in the proper place. Tough.

Saves money.
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What is the takeaway?

As the one who started a similar thread; A tale of woe, shuttle co totalled car and trailer... any thoughts/suggestions

I am still dealing with insurance 4 weeks later.

Here is my takeaway;
1. We have very few options but to deal with shuttle companies for longer shuttles.
2. We are at their mercy and hope they hire good drivers, and 'when' they have an accident we pray they do the right thing. The right thing being, have a rental vehicle at the takeout so you can get home with your gear and passengers. They should return your shuttle fee.
3. Know that if your car is damaged, it will ultimately be your responsibility to handle things with your insurance and your rates will go up. It is handled like you had an uninsured person driving your vehicle.
4. If your car is damaged far, in my case about 12 hours, from your home you will also be responsible for retrieving it once it is repaired, at your cost. If the car is totaled, you will have to go to the salvage yard to retrieve things that cannot easily be mailed, like my bike rack.
5. If you had stuff in your car and trailer at the time of the crash that you expected at the takeout you may want to leave a note with the shuttle company explaining what you want out of the car to be brought to the takeout. ie. phone, clothes, wallet, etc. If the car is towed to a shop off the path the shuttle company drives they may need extra encouragement to do this.

These are my takeaways 3 1/2 weeks out from my experience. Most importantly, I think Mountainbuzz should start a forum or sticky for us to list and name shuttle companies so when we have problems, and we will, that we have a place to see how they handled things. I don't want to hear comments about how such and such company delivered your car the way they were supposed to. I want those whose cars have been damaged to tell how the good companies made it right, or the bad companies left them high and dry.
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Any insurance agents on here? What type of rider would I need on my policy to cover my car, if I hire a shuttle service to move it for me? Any idea what this would cost me extra if I already have comprehensive coverage?

After reading these stories, I'm just thinking it might be better to be covered from my end, but I haven't heard of this type of coverage.

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Originally Posted by zrafter View Post
We bring extra vehicles and run our own shuttles due to this sort of nonsense!!!
Even living in Idaho this becomes a problem on stretches like the Main Salmon.

For Example:
  • From my home in Sun Valley to the putin is 5hr. 50mins.
  • From putin to takeout 8hr. 20mins
  • From take out back to home 5hr. 25mins

Adding extra days to your trip for shuttle travel is usually not an option as it would cut into river time.
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