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Grants Pass, Oregon
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Rogue campsites?

Just got off the Rogue wild section and it was really busy ( of's the 4th)... we had a hard time getting into a site that wasn't already taken. We did find a flat spot to call home however, but it definitely was more of a goose beach than a proper camp. The Rogue has a reputation for a high level of camp competition. Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences to share that would make future trips a bit more enjoyable and predictable?

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Portland, Oregon
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It's really easy to get the best camps any time you want. You'll notice that they're always occupied by one guy and 16 chairs and paco pads. Just move in with him, because that site is obviously way to big for one person and he has pads to spare.
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Walterville, Oregon
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Getting a camp on the Rogue during the busy summer season is easy if you do the following;

1. Limit your group size to 1 or 2 people and sleep on a cot. There are lots of smaller camps with somewhat marginal tent sites.

2. Get up and on the water early. You should be at your next camp by 8:00 am or so. It is OK to knock on the tent door and ask the current occupants when they might leave.
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Getting on the river early and into camp early is about it. Mid week starts help a little as well.

Personally, when I am not working I like to sleep in at least a little. I just settle for what's left. Haven't had too much bad luck. I am usually travelling with three or four people.
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Grants Pass, Oregon
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Thanks for the beta. I think what I heard is launch early and pick a camp early to beat the crowd. It doesn't feel like we should have to do that; I mean it feels like that misses the whole point of the river floating experience in the first place. As a recent transplant, I appreciate the ease of picking up cancellation permits in this system, and we were a pretty small group of 6, but there's a strange dynamic with the outfitters sending out advance boaters apart from the main group, and feeling rushed during the day to get a nice camp. Not what I would have expected on a wild and scenic run. But then again it's July...what'd ya expect anyway? It's a fantastic little run of river nonetheless.
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Go in November!
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Portland, Oregon
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On my last trip we had a nice early start our second day, cruised through Blossom and were hoping to get lucky and score South Gleason, but alas an outfitter had just pulled in and was spreading out all over the place. So we floated along for less than one hour, finding every single camp taken until Tacoma, where that same damn outfitter had a rabbit boat setting up chairs at the top spot. Turns out they were just having lunch at Gleason. It is amazing to me that is accepted for a single outfitted trip to simultaneously occupy two of the larger camps on the river. Maybe three, because some seem to be rabbit boating lunch spots too.
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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I have been on the Rogue and experience the lack of available camp spots due to commercial rabbit boats claiming the choice sites. I think it is a lousy practice and it definitely leaves a sour taste in your mouth as your group eats breakfast and you see a solo rabbit boat row by piled high with camp chairs. There is no way for a private group travelling together as a group to compete with these inconsiderate outfitters.
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Grants Pass, Oregon
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The advance boater thing does seem out of place. Out of control to do it for a lunch stop. I learned that private trips can do it too though on the Rogue if they want. Racing around to get a camp gets so intense that the BLM allows this, but it seems to only make the problem worse.Definitely a weird vibe. But those outfitted trips do have to get there trip settled in with a measure of certainty, just like the rest of us. Maybe camp reservations would help. Or, I guess as others have suggested, go small, leave early and go after the season ends. Until everyone else starts doing that too.
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Allowing rabbit boats on the Rogue is a ridiculous policy. Seen it on every trip. Should be an equal opportunity rule--first come, first served with all boats required to stay in the group. That, or assigning large camps.

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