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This whole thing cracks me up. The hippie lovers are talking soooo much smack and calling all non-hippie lovers close minded rednecks...because we are more intelligent than they are.

Kindyacker, go back east. We don't want your smelly ass here polluting our rivers with your stank anyway.

To answer a question posed several pages back...what do we (I) have against hippies? I'll tell you.

It's much more than my previous post about them threatening to throw me in the fire pit for playing some techno tunes (not even loud) and having a morning fire going (fires were not banned).

First off, let me inform all who don't know me, or those who don't know me well, that I'm not the kind of person who gets frightened by threats easily. Prior to my encounter with the Rainbow Family, I had my life threatened a number of times, and came to terms with my death on each occasion. But I was never as scared as when these "hippies" with swastica's tattooed on their heads threatened to throw me in the fire pit. I could see something in their eyes that told me how serious they were, and being burned to death has always been my greatest fear. Drowning or shot would be numbers 1 and 2 for my preferred ways...but being burned to death is number 1 for my least preferred way. I hate being hot.

My hatred for the present day hippies started a long time ago. I wasn't exactly "rolling with the right crowd" if you know what I mean. Anyway, I was introduced to a Rainbow Family hippie, who in the end conned me out of several thousand dollars...which weren't mine. I then had to explain the con to some local gang members, one of which had just sone cola and dosed himself with who knows how many drops. They were none to happy to hear about how I lost their money. I was then ordered to strip my clothes, and sat there on the floor with no shame as they went through everything I was wearing. All the while the crazy mo fo who just dosed and shot cola was holding a gun to my head, saying over and over, "Let's just take him to the mountains and shoot his ass. Now my grandma's going to kick me out cuz I can't fo'd no rent any mo."

Then they searched my car, and didn't find any of their money in there either. They made some phone calls, and about 10 more gang members showed up, all strapped. Unfortunately, a good friend of mine was with me, and he was faced with the same fate as I was...this crazy drugged up gang member wanting to take us to the mountains and kill us. I never begged for my life, but I sure as hell begged for his...he didn't have anything to do with it. I had faced the fact that I was going to die that night, but I didn't want my friend to go down for my dumb ass trusting a hippie.

Although several of the people holding a gun to me had cars at this house, they decided to take me and my friend for a drive in mine...while others followed. Again, this crazy dude just kept chanting "Let's take them to the mountains and just get rid of them. This mo fo is lying"...blah blah blah. And by the way, I'm still naked sitting in my damn car while this other dude is driving...and another holding a gun to my head. I gave them directions to basically back track where I had been and what had happened and how.

There was one motel clerck who at least confirmed part of my story, by saying the hippie with dreds checked out...at least that proved to them I had met up with a hippie there. After a long drive we went back to this dude's house, and I talked them into letting me and my buddy go after 14 hours of being naked, hounded with questions, and some doped up dude holding a gun to my head. I vowed to get them their money the next day, and they kept my driver's license, vowing to "drive by" my address if I didn't.

Again, this all started because of a damned hippie. They try to gain your trust by preaching peace and love and all that crap, but they ARE just out for themselves. They'll rob your stores, and stab anyone in the back that they can if they will some how benefit from it.

They don't stand for anything anymore. The hippies of today are far different from the hippies of yesteryear. The one's that still linger, these "elders" who have been in the 'family' for 30+ years are too messed up to do anything else with their lives. The impact on the environment is huge, whether or not you can see it years after the gathering. If I posted that I was going to go up into the woods, and just bury about 50 TONS of poop...promising I would bury it well, although relatively close to a water supply, would anyone actually let me get away with it? These crappers will do just that.

And they will rob the local stores blind. They will pollute the environment they say they protect. They will con people on the way to the gathering from wherever they are coming from and everywhere along the way. They will be a social leech and I will float the bill.

Granted, I am a different person now than I was when all this hippie crap happened to me, but I still hate them. I will never forget the first time a hippie almost got me killed, nor the last time a hippie almost killed me.

Thank god for kayaking, or I would still be living the lifestyle I used to...which brought me into constant contact with those hypocrites. I sold my turntables and records, and bought a new kayak and kayaking gear...and hit the river running, never looking back. Now, if it weren't for credit cards, I'd be doing very well in this life.

And for those of you who think I'm just joking about all this, I'm dead serious. Even about the skin heads holding a meeting at the gathering I attended...and now, they weren't the Krishna's.

If anything, I have left out a ton of detail in my accounts. If you ever see my unmistakable mug (see avatar) sitting at a bar, come talk to me, I'll tell you even more stories about how hippies are horrible...and go into more detail about the stories I've already told.

Anyway, I hate hippies. For those of you who say the Rainbow Family members aren't hippies...you're old school. I agree, they aren't like the hippies of your time. But these are the hippies of now, and they are horrible. Down with hippies and HoleSurfer biggots!



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Theft of a Sheltie puppy
Man, that is random....

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--- "I vowed to get them their money the next day, and they kept my driver's license, vowing to "drive by" my address if I didn't. Again, this all started because of a damned hippie" ---

Ah yeah dude. You find yourself naked on the floor, ballsack dangling in the wind and some mofo gansta's cold steel pushed up on your head all cuz you ain't got his money and it was entirely the fault of some wookie?

Talk about passin' the buck! If you ever end up with your balls warming some coked up dude's hardwood floors, chances are you fucked up long before the wookie strolled by and stole your money...

Paco, Moonbeam, Raven and Fusia are waiting...
I hope you're all on board cause this bus is ready to roll.
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Could we harness the political power of 20,000 apathetic drips? It's possible. It would be much easier, though, to *harvest* the hippies as a food source. Sure, they're dirty. But so are carrots when you dig them up. So long as they are properly prepared and thoroughly cooked they could sustain us for quite some time. Don't eat hippie if it's pink in the middle. Soylent Green for all! We'll need a lot of freezer space, though. Unless we're going to go old school and salt the meat.

Alternatively, we could use them as an energy source. If they can make bio-diesel out of corn, why not hippies? Just remove the husks (dreads), toss into the hopper, add more gasoline than you can replace with the finished product and viola.

Does anyone have the technology to plug them into the matrix and use them like batteries?

Any other ideas?[/i]
I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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Hippies are supposedly all organic, that is the new diet craze. You would be eating healthy and doing a service to us all. BSOE I like the way you think.
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gunnison, Colorado
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lol i cant believe i waited this long to get in on this

IkayakNboard .. sounds pretty familiar ..
without getting extremely specific about it all:

rainbow thugs stole my squirt boat
bastard assholes did me a favor, really, now i got a better one
but im not taking it anywhere routt county this year!

not that riding motocycles in there and harrassing these people is a good idea
but having a healthy awareness of just how shady of a situation the
have become is a great idea

lemme tell you, there are some dangerous muthafuckers in those woods
let the authorities (presumably also in those woods, wearing dreadlocks)
deal with them, eh ;)

hopefully the rest of em that arnt rainbow-4-life will get they're shit figgured
out before they get sucked in.
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not just rednecks , but thin skinned rednecks , didn`t mean to hurt your wittle feelings . It`s OK to berate a group of people that you don`t know , but not OK to voice my opinion ? didn`t know ther were sooooo many little neo-cons out there . Don`t worry I prefer to stay where the boating is good and the people are friendly to EVERYONE . But feel free to come visit us , just don`t forget to close the door on your way out .
I`d rather boat than breathe
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PS - how smart do you have to be to get outsmarted by a hippie ? not to mention drug deals with bikers ? Damn hippies ! Have you ever considered taking the blame for your own actions ?
I`d rather boat than breathe
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Way to stereotype Kindyakker. Guess I am a narrow minded red neck simply becuse I live in Colorado. By the way a bunch of SE paddlers were on Boatertalk. Saying the Marines that shot the unarmed mother huddled over her baby should get medals not murder charges. I could say all SE paddlers are racist and pro murder. But I am smart enough to know 3 were most likely trolls playing with the less smart and 2 were racist biggots that embarrased the SE paddling community. Wise up or you will continue to get played on both boards. sj
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BSOE I almost peed myself that is some funny shit.

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