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Sweet sociopathic diatribe. Excellent display of narcisism with the condescending "Hi kids" opener, too. My kind of asshole.

"Human beings are a virus, Mr. Anderson, and we...we are the cure."
- Agent Smith

"If you're a black guy with dreadlocks you're cool. If you're a white guy with dreadlocks you're in need of a bath and some parenting."
- Louis CK

I hope in the future Americans are thought of as a warlike, vicious people, because I bet a lot of high schools would pick "Americans" as their mascot. -Jack Handy
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What a bunch of ignorant people

Having grown up in the S.E. , I thought I had seen the worst that society had to offer , until I read this thread . The bunch of rednecks on here make the guy`s from Deliverance look enlightened . My friends from out west always seemed to be very open minded , but the vicious people on here are nuts . I hiked into the Joyce Kilmer N.F. after a national gathering just to see how the family had impacted the area and could hardly find a trace . I don`t believe that you are worried about your "fragile environment" , you`re just closed minded rednecks that don`t want "these kind of people" in your neighborhood .

I`d rather boat than breathe
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Kind Yaker looks like you picked up on the point. Also how about you don't generaize people like "my friends out west" #1 we arent your friends. 2# we have the right to be just as closed minded as eveyone else. So GFY.
Such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there..... GD
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pnw, Washington
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I know I am setting myself up for an ass whooping but I am curious why does everybody hate hippies so much? What am I missing here? Are you saying that these people are a drain on resources in the sense that they dont pay taxes yet use public lands and health care? And yeah I see how a large group of these people would be an issue. Can someone explain the issue to me, rationally?
I guess down here in the springs I am happy to see any large group of people who arent trying to sell God to me so maybe I am missing it.

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Wow. This thread is taking a very trite turn.

Rush, that was uncalled for. I know I found some of what kindyakker said offensive, but, I get the impression that you took it way too personally. Though I can't be sure, I think kind was referring to specific friends he's had from the "west," not us as a collective whole.

Kind, though it's a true modern classic, I resent being compared to any of the characters in Deliverance. So after I make Rush squeal like a pig, I'm comin' for you .

Now to business, I don't think it's that we really hate hippies so much as we hate many of the traits and actions of those considered hippies today. We dislike the freeloading, the non-taxpaying, the lack of thought about consequences, the smell , and maybe even the drug abuse (though many here have made it clear that that is NOT what their problem is ). We hate the people who don't pay taxes or contribute to society yet detract from the quality of life that the hard-working members of the community help to supply, enrich, and enjoy (These detractors may be doing so by actively degrading society or by enjoying society's benefits without contributing their share of the toil).

I truly believe there is a lot of concern about what a gathering like this may do to the environment. Though many accounts on this thread report never noticing an impact from such group gatherings, there are also the stories like IkayakNboard's. Not only was that shit scary (and made a great story since you made it out alright) but I got the impression that "Leave No Trace" was not their main objective.

Now, I don't believe these are true hippies. Hippies are people who do their best to live naturally, enjoy and preserve nature, and typically gather or protest for important moral causes. Nothing at all like the boating community, is it?

It's a shame one of the longest threads we've had on the Buzz has nothing to do with boating. Get on the river while it's still flowin'.

"The world would be a better place if everyone kayaked."-Brad Ludden (Valhalla)
"You only get one chance to run a drop blind."-DD
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I am not down on hippies. However, I have seen the trash that the enligthened Rainbow type people have left in the forests around Nederland. Hippies don't do that.

Kindyakker, I have heard about how much trash is in the woods and rivers in the East. Maybe, your just use to living in trash and like it? In general, Westeners are more in tune to their environment and want to protective it from being trashed from the enlightened Rainbowers.

I am sure this gathering by Steamboat will be monitored very closely. I am more concerned of the stragglers that set up in National Forest for weeks/months that do not pack out their garbage and build fires during high fire danger.
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Self-Aggrandizing jackass
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Originally Posted by Andy H.

What's really your motive here in all the alarm? Is it just to vent your hatred of hippies?
You say that like it's a bad thing. Of course I hate hippies. I'm a Republican!

If you could do anything about the Rainbow Gathering, what would it be and why? What's the lesson you want to teach them? Would you like to put them into re-education camps where they'll be taught the value of hard work and conforming to the prevailing societal norms?
You're on the right idea. I'm thinking more like "gulags" where they work hard labor until they die.

one of the core tenants the organizers and many of the folks that'll be there profess is non-violence. Would kicking some pacifist's ass accomplish something the world needs?
I dunno man, you kind of have me there. But sometimes it just feels good to beat the tarnation out of someone you know won't fight back. It's kind of like a massage - lets out all sorts of pent up negativity. Have you ever tried it?


Why don't you go back and re-read this thread and insert a word like "******, Faggot, Jew, Spic, Wop" everywhere it says "hippie?"
See, that's the beauty of still having hippies around. It's like guilt-free bigotry, because hippies CHOOSE to be hippies. Them other folks just can't help it, so it's wrong to belittle them.

(the aforementioned post is completely an attempt at humor, and I'm not a Republican anymore, but they still have me registered that way.
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Tensions run high in forest
Forest Service abandons checkpoint after incident with Rainbow group

By Matt Stensland

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CLARK — The Rainbow Family peace gathering turned hostile Tuesday when a group of attendees began hurling rocks and sticks at law enforcement officers, U.S. Forest Service officials said.

The incident forced the officers to abandon a checkpoint they had established near the entrance to the Rainbow gathering campsite in North Routt County, Forest Service spokeswoman Diann Ritschard said. Officers had not returned to the checkpoint as of Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened at about 11 a.m. and involved Forest Service officers who were manning the checkpoint set up to issue citations to anyone attempting to enter the gathering. Citations were being issued because Rainbow Family members had not signed a free Forest Service special-use permit, which is required for gatherings of 75 or more people.

Before the Tuesday morning incident, Forest Service officials were blocking people from entering the gathering and telling them to "turn around," Forest Service spokeswoman Denise Ottaviano said.

Officials said a group of about 100 people -- some of whom already were inside the gathering area -- participated in the incident. Other participants included people waiting outside the checkpoint who were told they could not enter the gathering, Ritschard said.

No arrests were made, and the officers left the scene because they did not want to escalate the situation, Ritschard said. No officers were injured.

"This incident will be investigated, and we're not exactly sure what course of action will be taken," Ritschard said. "The Forest Service is deciding what action to take."

In addition to Forest Service law enforcement officers, a Routt County Sheriff's Office deputy also was at the checkpoint at the time of the incident, Ritschard said.

"The Forest Service is very serious about the safety of our officers and cooperators," Ritschard said.

Also Tuesday, an incomplete special-use permit application was submitted to the Forest Service, Ritschard said. She said the application contained profanity where the applicant was supposed to write the location of the gathering. The application can't be accepted as submitted, Ritschard said.

Between 60 and 70 illegal gathering citations had been issued to Rainbow gathering attendees as of Tuesday morning. As many as 20,000 people are expected to attend the official peace gathering from July 1 to 7. About 500 people already have arrived.

Citations will be issued to people who use the closed trails or ignore other regulations, including:

■ Public nudity

■ Camping within 150 feet of any running stream or body of water

■ Placing kitchen facilities, food preparation areas, gray water pits or slit trenches within 300 feet of any running stream or body of water

■ Placing kitchen facilities, food preparation areas, gray water pits or slit trenches within 150 feet of any open road

■ Cutting any standing trees in the area described as: north of Forest Road 505, west of Forest Road 498, south of the private property in Big Red Park and east of Forest Road 500.

Also, about 15 miles of National Forest system motorized trails (numbers 1204 and 1199) near the Rainbow gathering have been closed. Ritschard said the trails were closed to keep the public away from the gathering.

"Most people would enjoy (trails) more at a place that is less congested," Ritschard said.

I thought this was a gathering to promote peace and unity? The other day they had a "gatekeeper" up there with a rope across the road supposedly keeping out all "non-hippies."

I am a libertarian and generally don't give a fuck who you are or what you do- unless it effects negatively someone else. And these dirtbags have a definite deleterious effect on my community. From panhandling to petty theft to "paying" for medical care with cookies to contaminating salable food at the grocery to fatten their dumpster-diving, they have already shown the kind of impact they will leave here.

But it doesn't end in Steamboat. My neighbor runs the aforementioned Clark Store, the RF's last chance depot. In her conversations with the shop owners nearest previous RF gfatherings she has been informed that the single most important thing for her to do is to set up to accept government issued benefit cards- i.e. food stamps. These filthy hippocrates not only suck the life out of the small communites upon which they descend, they are leeches on the very "machine" the portend to abhor. If one can fill out the paperwork to take MY money he can certainly sign a free permit before he destroys the forest.

Bottom line- any other group of 20,000 (this includes redneck NASCAR fans) who were planning a gathering anywhere, especially over the 4th of July weekend, would send a representative/s to the local city council/gov't/forest servic office to discuss logistics, impacts, and possible means of mitigating their prescence. These assholes won't even sign a free petition hand-delivered to their doorstep. They are a bunch of selfish, mightier-than-thou, arrested-development kids. They have not "turned-on, tuned-in and dropped-out," but they have made it clear that they are here for themselves and everyone else can go take a flying-fuck. And for all of their supporters out there, do me a favor and invite them over to YOUR back yard and get them the hell out of mine.
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Charc in = charc out
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^^^^ routter, high score in the category of Awesome ^^^

couple points: 1. affecting positive socio-political change takes hard work & dedication & an inherent sense of responsibility. these losers have glommed onto a "scene" that allows them to totally shirk all responsibility (including the most basic resp's of hygiene & providing for themselves & their families & cleaning up after themselves) & allows their rapant drug use to fly under the "family radar", all the while making anyone who would question them feel guilty because of their supposed pacifism & eco-sensitivity.

2. while i reserve my right to hate on all groups equally, i've gotten softer on hippies over the years (& turned my sights on suburbanites). the funny thing is that to the rest of the world KAYAKERS are dirtbag hippies, so i think it's funny there's so much hippie-bashing going on in this thread. i mean, we invented socks & sandals & living out of a truck for months at a time.

3. hey steamboat, this too shall pass. just be glad you're not in boulder where every year for like 20 years you had all these lame hippie bands playing a red rocks all summer long, with their entire fanbases clogging your sidewalks like cholesterol .. with their dirty knotty-hair'd babies & hemp choker necklaces & crystals & feathers & anorexic dogs & bundles of sage & cardboard signs & bloodshot eyes. you only gotta deal with them for a week
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Dont know if that was aimed at me or not but I didnt say I was a supporter and I understand why this gathering would worry people and I cant say I agree with it. It just seemed that many people had frustration with hippies in general and were maybe getting some interaction that I wasnt that led them to this feeling. Last hippie I saw was in Arcadia California. They have quite the crop there. I believe someone used the term trustafarian. I thought it was a damn funny term.

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