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Again--fof the record I do not work in the ED. And again I have been tempted ou to write something again. Newbie, the D&C comment cracked me up--brings back horrible memories, and now with the 80 hr restrictions we all do the same 80 hours during residency so there was no intended offense. Since I don't work in the ED I can say that they have it fairly easy since they work shifts and can wash their hands of it and walk away at the end of the day and not worry about their patients--so I do understand charting and staying late in the office.
I have been tempted back on by Matobs comments, or should I say spin because you need to go and read the state budget for last year. Please do not try and spin the numbers on the site for those who have not looked it up ( and I would encourge you all to go and have a look-see). As I said before, the state budget last year was around or just under 15 billion dollars; the state budget for this year is 16 billion dollars or a 6.???% increase over the previous year. That far outweighs inflation adn so I would say that is a budgetary raise. Do not try and spin those numbers. They can be found within the first 25 pages of the 502 page Colorado State Budget. What politicians decide to do with their pay increase--devote it to higher education, K-12, roads ect is where I take issue because again the facts state, according to the budget that there has not been a cut. However, you will notice that since TABOR was instituted, all of the things on the ballot for C and D have increased as a total percentage of state budgetary expenditures. If those things have decreased since 2001, that has been the choice of the politicians--who again have continuously been getting a budget raise but cutting funding. The problem does not lie with the amount of money since, I repeat, the State Budget is at an ALL TIME HIGH but with the politicians who cannot or refuse to appropriate money to where it belongs. They don't need more money, they need a lesson in fiscal resonsibility and a good kick in the shorts. I would invite all of you to google for the colorado state budget and read as much of it as you can handle to check to see if i am in error and I assure you I am not because I have read it myself. Again, no spin, facts.

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medman- your analysis is a bit too simple. 6.???% is more than inflation last year but lets have a real look: in Q3 of this year inflation across the country was a staggering 4.3%, the population rise in CO was what? Population rise which means an increased tax base and gov't expenditures based on increasing pop. should factor in, as should inflation. So that "spin" is actually correct...sorry

a side note: on the brink of disaster in CO economically is higher education. H. E. is about to be completely cut off from public funding. Many colleges and universities around colorado will not survive if tax dollars are taken away. the subsequent capital flight from Co will be staggering considering the US's (and specifically CO) biggest industry is in the use of human capital (the ability to use our brains).

TABOR will crush CO if it continues.


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The students of Colorado have had it pretty easy over the years, look at these comparisons for a new student between University of Minnesota and CU:

Also there are ways that CU can easily cut spending as well.
From a local newspaper article:

"In his first days in office at CU last month, Brown eliminated 10 administrative jobs from his office that will save CU about $1 million annually"

These were all jobs that people had quit with the leaving of Hoffman, Brown just chose not to rehire because he thought they were un-needed.

living in Boulder I know a couple of people who work for the University as well as attend. One graduate student I know is required to buy supplies from specific vendors even though she can go to Office Depot down the street and get them cheaper, she is also required to buy Travel tickets through local travel agents even though she can also buy these tickets online direct from the airlines web site for less. Another friend of mine that works for CU brought up a simpler way for prospective students to get the info they needed on-line without having someone to fill out a paper form during a department meeting and was chastised for telling his superiors for "apparently thinking that they didn't know what they were doing"
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medman not sure what your looking at.

this year?? last year???

Colorado runs on a fiscal year that begins and ends in July. I.e. fiscal year 05/06. At any rate to suggest that the State has not endured any cuts over the past few years is well . . . ridiculuos.

Moreover, your point that the budget is at "an all time high" even if true totally misses the point. All time compared to what? Colorado is last or at the bottom in funding in many categories. My point was the there are mandated costs chewing an bigger and bigger piece of the pie. Costs of energy are rising, costs of health care are rising, etc. Yet Colorado operates under different rules than a free market system. Accordingly when the costs exceed the allwoed revenue under TABOR guess what. Things get cut and at some point time if you stay in Colorado the cuts will directly affect you.

Can things be run more efficiently? Of course. However, there is waste in any large enterprise public or private (ask Dennis Koslowski about is hundred thousand dollar bathroom). So to just bash goverment with such simplistic saying and buzz words like "fiscal responsibility lessons" "good kick in the shorts" is easy, but in my opinion misguided.

Maybe a crisis will happen, where your education will become worthless, no professors, cold classrooms, incredibly poor roads, criminals going free cause of breakdown in justice system, etc. etc. Maybe then people will wake up to the idiocy of TABOR (which as I said has some good principles overall is crappy poorly thought out system though). Usually that is what it takes in this country which is very very sad.

It took 9/11 for the country to Islamic Fundamentalism and terrorism seriouly - even though we warned

Its taking $3 gallon gas for Republican to dare even say the word conservation.

It'll take a crisis in health care before that mess is cleaned up.

On and on. maybe be we should vote no and then have a recession then see what happens. Or maybe we can look ahead for once. Ah that's just wishful thinking I guess. This county is rooted in myopia and as long as its not directly affecting people no one cares. Just wait it will if you don't choose wisely now.
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I still think fiscal responsibility on the part of the government is key, it is our money that they are spending and I want it to go to programs and departments that work and are effective. People ARE accounted for fiscal un-responsibility in the private sector ie: "Dennis Koslowski" I have yet to hear of anyone being released for wasting money in the government. The government budget system needs to be revised to reward saving money, currently if a department doesn't use all of it's alloted money they will not get as much money the following year because apparently it's not needed and thus doesn't encourage anyone to do a better job. Departments should always get the budget that they expect to need to operate and at the end of the year if any money is left over it should be used for enhancing education and other programs as an added bonus and the employees of that department that were able to operate efficiently should be rewarded as well.
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Come on people, give Medman a break! How can he have ANY idea what he is talking about when he works 80+ hours per week. He doesn't have time to properly research or think things through clearly.

Yeah, the Gauley fix has worn off and I missed the Moose fest. Perhaps I should replace my stolen mtb bike...
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Alittle clarification here,I think the original purpose of this thread was to elicit peoples oppinions about the nominees .I expressed mine in a way that was inflamatory insulting the PRES. using superlatives"most blatent.. world history",etc. so a counter attack is to be expected.However ,just because the wording was dumb does not negate the underlying thought ,that Harriet Miers is an example of cronyismand ONE OF the less qualified nominees in US history.Also I WAS WRITING IN A CONVERSATIONAL STYLE ,i didn't know i was being graded on it.
Medman you did attack me personally,{i have no room to complain,as i have done the same in the past},that set me off ,what i took particular exception to was the suggestion i don't know history,not the standard categorical denial ofGOP corruption,or the crack about ufo's.As an avid history buff Iam positive i can cherrypick some specific aspect of history where I am very knowledgable and put you at a decided disadvantage in debate.bEING completely ignorant of the example you used ,i was in no position to comment.Out of anger i allowedmyself to get side tracked into an irrelevant arguement.Th e election fraud is NOT central to my arguement, in fact my intent was merely to ask a question;If a president of either party is caught in election fraud,how does that affect lifetime nominees?
Because iwas pissed and had been drinking,and that Medman is a worthy advesary,i got my ass kicked in debate.not to proud toadmit it.I Wwish i had countered yuor categorical denial and charge of conspiracy theories with these facts;it is the house ethics committee,bipartisan that has reprimanded TOM Delay 4 times',it is the General accounting office,bipartisan,and the Pentagon budget office,the military,that are charge Halliburton with over billing. They have audio tapes of the Enron comptrollers laughing and bragging about profiteering off a trumped up energy shortage,that precipitated the California recall and election of Arnold, they also have audio tapes of Jack Abramoff,Delay's right hand man,and other lobbyists say horribly racsist thing about thier native american clients ,who they convinced needed to buy influence from Tom Delay in order to achieve their objectives,arch Christian Ralph Reid is implicated in this scandal.We'll let due process resolve it.
Al so i absolutely maintain that belief in miracles saints ,angels,resurrections , talking burning bushes ,virgin mothers etc.,is a completely irrational basis for a belief system.
I will say this for Medman,at least he intelligentlyand passionately argues his points.Unlike people who sit on the sidelines and talk shit,offering nothing constructive ,insightful,or even pssionate to the debate,guess i have a low tolerance for them.Caring about issues and engaging in debate over them is not whining.
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sorry for the thread hijack

miers is cronyism at its finest or worst as the case may be. i think she's going to end being another clarence thomas. very conservative, yet dumb as a fence post. b/c of her intellect or lack thereof, she will be unable to really shape or influence the court's long term doctrine b/c she is intectually inferior to many of other members including roberts.

it's also scary to me that someone bush is citing religion as a reason for her nomination. since when does one's religous beliefs have any place in a court appointment?

i'm editing to include a cnn article i just read. apparently miers met with specter and said that roe v. wade was rightly decided. then the white house took exception to that remark and miers called up specter and told her that he misunderstood her. miers is really sick joke that bush is playing. i hope the independent thinking republicans in the senate can see through this charade.
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Dont worry about the thread jack, I was curious about how people felt about these political issues.
Cayo, well said.
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Send a message via Yahoo to Kris M
I will start by saying that I think that there are other more qualified people out there that could've been put up for nomination.

Cronyism or not I vividly recall Harry Reid - Democrat from NV and minority leader coming out and supporting the nomination......

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